Karen Doonan – Birthing Dreams into the New Earth – 1-7-14

Karen Doonan


Many of you may be experiencing deep confusion at a waking conscious human level, unable to reference how you FEEL to what APPEARS to be happening around you. As you move through the dissolving of the old 3d earth a gulf will begin to appear between how you FEEL and what you experience, this seeks to challenge the human logical mind and seeks to help you understand that the old 3d earth IS a CREATED reality that no longer serves. However the human logical mind LOVES to present ideas as solutions to PERCEIVED problems and if you allow your human logical mind to take control over the HEART space the mind will create even more chaos that is seeks to teach is down to your inability to be in the “real” world.

This distortion is a deliberate creation of those who sought to contain and suppress the human race. “REALITY” at all times being a personal construction created out of the frequencies that are anchored within the human vehicle.  As these frequencies are not visibly seen (think radio waves and their invisibility) then the human logical mind will try to filter this out.  You may fall to the distortion of trying to alter your outer waking reality whilst not adjusting the frequencies that you are running internally, within your human vehicle.

At this moment upon the planet there is a huge influx of higher dimensional frequencies, these are highlighting that which no longer serves within the human race on all levels.  As you move in vibration and come into balance there comes a moment where you must make a conscious waking choice of which earth to interact with.  The old 3d earth at all times trying to grab your attention and deflect your energies, a held intention with focus is a powerful frequency.  As long as you keep one foot in the old 3d earth and allow it to teach you that you are other than who YOU KNOW YOU ARE then you will not be fully within the frequency that is needed in order to birth your dream into your outer waking reality.

I have blogged previously about “co-incidence” and “synchronicity” and that these are but 3d overlays to help guide and support as you move through the transition process. The teaching in relation to “co-incidence” is strong and deeply anchored. Much as many of you may wish to birth your dream into your outer waking reality the human logical mind will at all times try to whisper to you “where’s the catch”. This works to invoke MISTRUST within SELF and will work to unbalance your energy signature.  It is vital to anchor that ALL within this universe is BY DESIGN.  YOU have designed this experience in order to help you understand the old 3d earth experience in TRUTH and to help you dissolve this and move into the New Earth.

As you raise your frequency and balance and expand your energy signature the synchronicity will INCREASE and this may also challenge you, this is deliberate to highlight any residue from any teachings that are lurking below the surface. For as you move through this process the teachings change tact, they try to get you to question your SELF WORTH. After all you are taught repeatedly at various levels that you are NOT worthy of living the life that you dream. The old 3d earth teaching that you are being “selfish”, “greedy” etc. All the whilst teaching you that life on this planet is one continuous struggle and that everyone is in competition with each other. When faced with actually BIRTHING your dream these alternate teachings may arise within you.  This may lead to a crisis of confidence and the way to work with this is to look again at the lower dimensional timelines that are playing out. You will KNOW when you have fully dissolved them for you will have an emotional release that shows you that you have. A timeline you only “think” that you have released without the full emotional discharge is a timeline that is STILL running and is attempting to blind you.

You did NOT incarnate onto this planet in order to suffer, to experience pain, trauma and intense separation. You incarnated in order to remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH and to dissolve the teachings that seek to keep you within these karmic dimensional patterns and cycles.  Again I would highlight this process is ONGOING and is PERSONAL.  It may appear to you that the world is changing around you en masse but that is the reflection and interpretation of information (frequencies) by your human logical mind. YOU are the centre of YOUr OWN world at every moment. To help you anchor this it appears to the human vehicle that the world appears to everyone equally, in TRUTH it is millions of PERSONAL realities overlaid and overlapping.  As I have blogged previously life is experienced on a personal level at all times, you cannot experience in exactly the same way the human life experience of anyone else for you do not have their body, their cellular structure etc.

The birthing of DREAMS is now active upon and within planet earth. The foundation is TRUTH and the LOVE that IS, anything that does not resonate with these frequencies will be unable to birth due to the distortion that is within the lower dimensional frequencies. This may see many of you experience intense frustration and it is vital that you begin to look beyond the human life experience you are having upon this planet. YOU are a multi dimensional energy that exists far beyond the human life experience, the old 3d earth continuously teaching that life in front of your eyes is all that exists. This is not TRUTH and is highly distorted, to keep you looking only at patterns within the human life experience sees you filter out OFF PLANET timelines and these distorted timelines are STRONG and are FOUNDATION for many of your human life experiences and incarnations.

For more information/discussion around this please listen to the link below where I talk with Linda Frisch (Allayah) and Bob Charles on his international radio show.

Bob Charles Show 5th Jan 2014 



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