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Serenity is a state
of mind that can not
be touched by the
external world. It is
not that we will never
again experience the
problems of life, but
rather, at a core level,
we remain calm, peaceful,
even happy. When we reach
this level of conscious
contact with our Creator,
we enter, “The Kingdom
of Heaven.” We finally
realize Source is active
at all times within us. In
this state of perception,
we understand that all
that is beautiful and perfect
is from the Creator. All that
is not is from the wrong
thinking of man.

Our need to protect and
promote our own selfish
desires regardless of
their affect on others is
what leads to our ultimate
lack of serenity, our anguish.

It is ironic that the more
we have loving compassion for
others, the more we connect
to this inner world of serenity,
thus gaining what we…

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