Integrating All the Multiple You’s – Living in Multiple Timelines at Once – Suzanne Spooner, Ron Head – Speaking with Self – 1-9-14


I think you are going to like this! I’ve recently been bouncing some theories around in my blonde brain about quantum mechanics, the relativity to our current lives and congruent, parallel lives and multiple time lines. This stuff gets me so excited and so frustrated at the same time! I want to “get it”! :)

So, as I was preparing to TAUK through the topic and questions for my next QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session with Ron Head, naturally God came through to chat with me about my curiosity. The topic for our 14th session (first session of 2014) was about renewing ones connection to Source. Great topic, I thought, for the new year!

BUT when I TAUKed through the 3rd question I knew He was ready to start this conversation, I was hoping for! The question was:  ”Tell me how the multiplicity of aspects of human consciousness effect me and everyone”….. THAT I thought would be an interesting answer!

The answer to that question turned into a dialog and that turned into a YouTube clip called “Exploring Your Multiple Selves”. I’ve had to listen to it several times to grasp the information given. We’ve removed the pauses and reduced a 23 minutes 23 second clip to just under 15 minutes. The clip is found below.

Ron and I are having a lot of fun exploring all these different topics and presenting them to you! We want to give YOU a New Years gift!! So to listen to all the questions and answers to our 14th session for our Speaking with Self website for FREE click HERE!!! Go to “Session 14″. Click on the “package” not the individual questions. The code to enter is “IAMALL” (I Am All without the spaces).  It’s used in the shopping cart prior to checking out in Paypal. Above the little credit card icons is an area to enter the discount code.  Enter it and hit tab or return and it will apply  the discount.  We hope you enjoy some mind-bending conversations!

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