Brandon Gilbert – Meditation, Inner House Cleaning, The True Self

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In this video I share with you how meditation can help us to cleanse the psyche and get more in touch with our true self. The result of this is a greater amount of calm, peace, happiness, and freedom.

In many ways we are the product of culture, conditioning, social

groups, and whatever else we mentally/emotionally eat.

Another way of saying what goes into the psyche, will influence or

shape it and thus eventually come out in some way.

On the regular basis that translates to many, many different voices

going through our psyches.

One of the main causes of why we stay stuck in patterns or dont

take action.

But the vast majority of these voices and thoughts, are not us, not

our true voice.

So meditation is a great way to quiet down these myriad of voices, and get in touch with our true voice.

How do you recognize and distinguish between true and false?

Usually by a combintion of feeling, intuition, and gut instinct.

What do i mean by meditation?

Sitting quietly, with your eyes closed.

So how this process works is that:

It allows contrast and comparison.

Once you have a back drop of calmness, clarity, and consciousness,

then you can begin to see things in opposition to that for what

they are, and then deprogram them and let them go.

Like walking into a pitch black room and turning on the lights.

Much in the same way, we are unaware of whats happening inside out

minds,meditation, turns on the light.

Another way

Lets say you want to create a painting, but first, you need a blank

canvas. Luckily most of our programming is written in erasable ink,

so through meditation, we can erase it and get back to the blank

canvas which allows us to paint the painting we want.


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