Polona Aurea Dawn – Energy, Opportunities of 2014 – 1-4-14


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

This is my video about the energy and opportunities for expansion in 2014 and beyond. As You know, it is all about Self mastery and attainment, and I AM merely sharing some key points for our Ascension and Soul embodiment in the Now!


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my last video in 2013 and it’s all about enlightened relationships. Why this topic? Now is a perfect time for reflecting on our relationships, and the gifts of awareness which they brought us … as Divine triggers that they were for us in 2013 … and the purpose that they will continue to serve in 2014 and beyond. We can ask ourselves about true relationship harmony and what it means for us … and then reflect on it. As You know, I love sharing about communication and pure awareness through relations with others, and I will continue to. My guidance always comes through personal experiences as well, because it’s most authentic this way. And now is a perfect time to write about this subject, since Venus went retrograde in Capricorn, and Venus holds our values and all that is dear and important to us. What is also interesting is the fact that Mars (the planet reflecting our actions, drive and ambition) went into Libra for much longer than usual, and so our focus will continue to be in relationships and how we truly grow, expand and evolve through them. With the assistance of personal relationships and the triggers for awareness that they bring us, we can focus on becoming more aware than if there were no such external mirrors. They are a key point of our Earthly experiences and our path of Soul expansion.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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