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Journal Entry 01.06.2014


Somehow I made it through the workday even though I was feeling like crap. In Denise LeFay’s latest blog (1.5.2014) she mentions a whole list of ascension symptoms. So, I have most of them: slight headache, sore and swollen throat, fatigue, aching head (along occipital region), slightly nauseous and achy stomach… all of this without being REALLY sick. Makes for an interesting day, I must say.

Apparently Planet Earth received a “mild” S1 CME solar flare today and being sensitive, I’m, or rather my body, is reacting to it. I’ll survive, but okay already! And despite it all, I can still manage to do my job, be semi-cheerful and stand upright when needed.

So, what’s in store for all of us? I know it’s really important to find a neutral centerpoint in which to view the world and what’s going on. Not a pretty picture in many regards, but a whole lot of karma is being played out by a whole lot of people. It doesn’t HAVE to affect your space unless you CHOOSE it to do so. And it is a matter of choice these days. This is not to encourage you to close your heart, but to understand that it is necessary to allow people to experience what they came to do. One cannot judge from the outside of another’s experience. And it is pointless and exhausting to judge your own progress and lack thereof.

We’re encouraged to “just be”, but what really is just being. Personally, I feel that is a moment to moment experience. As you go through the process of ascension, you’re going to be different almost every moment. You aren’t restricted to doing things the way you were taught in school or the way you think you have to do things. You DO have a choice. Do you want to get involved in a particular project? Then tune in and decide if this really excites and resonates you; don’t do it if it is I “should” do that or I “ought” to that… or to get brownie points from other people. Find those things that make your heart sing.

Yes, we still have to make a living to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table, etc., etc., but even there you can find ways to invent new ideas. Tool sharing, sustainable communities, permaculture… the ways are many and more people will be stepping forward with still new ones. Life is going to have to get simpler, for everyone.

Personally, I would like to see communities where artists and artisans can work and live without having to struggle to support themselves. And I feel that change needs to come from within each of us, not by our placing expectations that we feel should be met by “other” people or especially governmental agencies.

Bureaucracies seem to enjoy complicating matters and tend to work from the top down, seldom getting input from the people who do the REAL work on the ground. So… where can we go and what can we do to learn to work together, as a team. Getting creative people to work together can be similar to herding cats, but it can be done if there is a heart-felt resonance between a devoted group of people who share a dream.

Start with self, discover your joy and you’ll probably find yourself attracting like-minded people into your life. The new energies are supportive of such creative endeavors, but don’t try to tell another person what it is that he / she should do. The time for bosses and supervisors or know-it-alls is over.

Apparently there is a lot of fragmentation in the light worker community. A lot of people are dissatisfied with what is still being given out in channeled messages and wondering when change is REALLY going to happen. Expectations have not been met. Well, folks, you’re still putting out 3D vibes and expecting 5D results; doesn’t work that way.

Being a messenger myself, I’ve been careful NOT to give out dates or specific promises, as time is a rather fluid thing in higher dimensions. Our linear time does not compute and expectations set to a linear timeframe will not be met. Our inner clarity and balance is needed now to raise the vibratory levels of the entire planet. I’m not sure if people realize just how POWERFUL they are, especially when they get upset and irritable with something that doesn’t meet their expectations.

We are creators, all of us. If we can all arrive at a still-point of calm and neutrality, we can disengage from expectation and allow things to happen and flow into our lives. In other words, get out of your own way. Your higher self would like to work with you, but do you allow your dreams to manifest or do you allow your focus to wander and then get upset when things don’t happen as you want them to? Through focus and intention and then allowing the desired outcome to manifest when it is appropriate, will allow change to come into your life in a more graceful fashion.

Sure, I have a lot of work to do in this aspect, as well as any of my readers. And some of us have progressed beyond this point. We cannot judge our progress against that of another person’s as we all have different blueprints and experiences that have been planned by our higher self. And each of us is so utterly unique that one person’s perspective on the same outcome will be totally different.

Coming from a neutral place where you can allow happenings into your life, doesn’t mean that you are a shallow person devoid of feeling. It is simply that you are able to retain a neutral perspective on whatever enters your life and do not go into judging yourself or others as a result. You simply undergo the experience and are grateful for having the opportunity, whatever form it takes.

Nelson Mandela and Gandhi are wonderful examples of people who overcame all obstacles in their lives with grace and dignity. May we all carry ourselves with such dignity and presence.

Coming from a place of self-love is so important in this ascension process. Try falling in love with your Self, dear ones. I working on that one, too. If nothing else is accomplished in this lifetime, learning self-love and being grateful for being alive will be accomplishments for anyone, but especially for me.

All of us need to overcome so much self-hatred and self-judgment, especially about our bodies. It will take allowing your body to be as it is without expecting it to be something it’s not. This means disengaging from the images that you see in mass media and the niggling degree of fascination over the tiniest wrinkle on some starlet’s face. Silliness, pure silliness, and carefully designed to make women especially feel powerless and to willfully dislike their bodies and themselves. We’re discovering just how air-brushed and manipulated professional photography and hence magazine lay-outs are these days. What would Marilyn Monroe be thought of with her curvy figure?

Allow yourself to be as you are now and as you are becoming. Learn to love the wrinkles, the scattering of grey hairs, the dimpled thighs, the aching ankles, whatever characteristics your body takes on. Love the body, love the spirit (YOU) who lives in the body and know that it is a temporary vehicle. You are NOT your body, you are NOT your job, you are NOT your possessions or your circumstances. You are here to learn and experience life on a physical planet. And you are here to learn how to open up to allow your soul to take up residence in your physical body. There will be bumps along the way; allow them and relax. You’re all doing well.


Hmm, got to feed the body right now and the cats.

Enjoy your day / night wherever you are on this lovely planet. You are love and you are loved, whatever your shape, disposition and income or not.

I’m not sure what I’ve been trying to communicate here, but if it helps great. If it doesn’t just let it go and find something within that resonates. Language has its limitations and we’re swiftly moving beyond them. Use your feeling whiskers to find your way through the unmapped territory that lies before your feet. It is through divining that inner connection that you will discover what is appropriate for you in the moment. Be present, be calm, be in the NOW.

Much love, kisses and hugs,



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  1. Wow! I’m feeling the exact same things: slight headache, nauseated, fatigued, no sore throat but everything else is the same. I know there have been many sick people around me but I haven’t gotten any of those symptoms.


  2. Got my first letter yesterday! Loved it. I feel like I’m a element of something terrific that’s just starting to transpire. Feeling a strange sensation of community around it all. Maybe you’re on to something here! Who would have ever considered that men and women would basically print out words on paper just to have it sent throughout the mail to another person’s mailbox. Next thing you know, peoe are going to be growing their own food and walking or riding bikes everywhere. It’ll under no circumstances perform, damn progress.


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