Ascension – How To Make the Dimensional Shift – Dr Tom Murasso

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We are coming upon a new era – a shift of the ages as prophesied by the ancients. No, this new era is not the end of the world; it is a new beginning as the Earth – and anyone who chooses to join her – will shift from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimension.
Sadly, most people aren’t ready for – or even aware of this shift. But alas, it is still happening. And, for those in the dark, it may be a bumpy ride…

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My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

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