Anrita Melchizedek – Invocation of Forgiveness and Love

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Invocation of Forgiveness and Love

By Anrita Melchizedek
Music by Mike Hammer
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Through the Overlighting of Mother Father God,
I experience my Self within the Unity Grid of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness.
Through the radiance of the Cosmic Heart of All Creation,
I now connect with my Beloved I Am Presence and the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light.
I now invoke the presence of all the Enlightened Masters and Beings of Light from On High,
to bring tranquility and peace into my Life, those of my loved ones and all Life on this earth plane.

I now surround myself in the Violet Transmuting Flame of Forgiveness and Transformation,
the Pink-Orange Flame of Divine Love
and now the Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness.

As I forgive and Love,
finding compassion and gentleness within my heart for all those that I perceive have caused me an injustice,
I know that the way forward is trusting and surrendering to the Divine,
having a determined outcome and yet not determining the outcome,
understanding my pre-birth agreements and karmic contracts,
creating win-win situations within my Life,
and truly understanding the Divine Perfection within the seemingly imperfection.

I now bring a focus to my personal relationships,
with my parents, my partner, my children, friends and family,
releasing any issues of resentment, anger and separation,
miscommunication, betrayal and lack of Love.
I communicate clearly and lovingly,
cutting old cords and creating new cords of compassion, appreciation and Love,
knowing that my Beloved I Am Presence is center stage,
guiding and directing me in my everyday Life.

I now bring a focus to the children of the world,
that need Love and nurturing,
that have been abandoned, abused, traumatized or homeless.
I send my Love and the combined Love of All Creation,
touching the heart and Soul of each child in the Illuminating Light rays of Divine Love,
sharing my Love and receiving this back tenfold through the power of magnetized thought and Divine Love.

There is only Love, and this is my guiding Light.
I Am Love,
I Am Light,
I am compassionate and loving,
breathing hope into all situations that seem challenging and heartbreaking.
In my strength and courage,
in my wisdom, power and illuminating intelligence,
I create change within my Life,
and upon this earth plane.

For I am co-creating heaven on earth,
and my heart’s dreaming,
and the knowing that all paths before me are pathways of Divine Love;
And so it is.

And now, my precious friends and family take a few minutes to send your Love to all those you know are going through challenging times and would truly appreciate your Love and support.

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Blessings and much Love

Anrita Melchizedek

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