Mona Delfino – The Meaning Of Ascension for 2014 – – 1-2-14


By Mona Delfino

As a Medical Intuitive/ Vibrational Healer of 32 years, I can confirm the statement that; ‘To change the world, we must first change ourselves.’ We couldn’t be in a better time in this world to do so. The compliments of the Universe are very powerful and affect all of us… when our Solar System has active changes, you can bet we do too.

Our Sun has just completed an 11 year cycle of a Solar “flip.” This happened in the week of Christmas, and right after Comet Ison circled the Sun and had Scientists very excited and rooting for its life as it came out briefly before disintegrating. The Sun’s flip is stirring up the electromagnetic field and we on Earth feel the effects like chaos, forgetfulness, not able to think the way we used to, etc…. however, this is not a negative effect. It is, in my opinion, the offering of the “Hand of God” to help us release old thought forms which kept us from peace.

We also have a new moon on January 1st (which hasn’t happened in 300 years) that is always significant of new beginnings. As humanity is given these Universal gifts from the heavens, we are now at a time where we can recognize that the emptying of the old now creates space for re-creation.

In healing work, we find that our memories are what actually keeps us from healing. It’s the attachment of The Meaning Of Ascension for 2014 | In5D.comingrained cellular memories produced by traumas, or even words we heard as a child that stuck in our memory bank. At the age of 6, children learn how to survive so as to fit in, or not be too hurt emotionally in their families, their friendships, etc. Normally we come into this world trusting and open, until we have to make conscious decisions as little adults within our emotions and experiences. Now, however, with the changes upon us, we are at a beautiful time where survival can be a thing of the past, realizing we are important co-creators by our individual thoughts.

The more we allow and trust ourselves, the more we contribute to this Universal freedom and alignment. At that point, we naturally release the old patterns that no longer serve us. This is ascension. Your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies (as above) become the physical. (so below) The light and joy of your new perceptions and your thoughts light each cell in your body.

The process in ascension leads us all to our genuine and authentic Self with nothing to hide. We call this being “Pono” in Hawaiian culture…True to self. Here, there is no judgment, and a new discernment. Coming from the sacred Soul within each of us, we find it is easier to love, to understand, and to connect by recognition of seeing truths in each other. This beauty of ascension empowers all of us to be ourselves in these most magical, exciting times.

Here’s to all of us in our co-creative freedom to ring in a New Humanity for 2014 and beyond!!   Many Blessings to each of you!

About the author: Asa Medical Intuitive, Vibrational Healer and Massage Therapist Mona Delfino has been an exceptional body worker for over 20 years. Coming into this field of healing naturally, her passion and abilities as a healer became apparent at a very young age.  In addition to her teachings in Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Sound (toning) and Crystal healing, Structural Therapy and many Indigenous Vibrational Medicines, Mona has had the unique experience of studying with her mentor of 12 years, Cherokee medicine woman, Karen Land. Karen was known as “Double Eagle” in the Cherokee Tribe. She passed in 2005, with her knowledge still running through Mona.  Mona has spent time studying in Hawaii on the BigIsland in Hilo to learn directly from Lomi Lomi masters and Kupuna to bring back the traditional Hawaiian healing that carries the knowledge that all healing comes from love. Mona’s website is Sacred Reconnections.

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