David K. Miller – Arcturian Channelling – 5th Dimension

The following is an excerpt from David K. Miller’s book, Connecting with the Arcturians.


The fifth dimension is a dimension of light, and complete openness, openness to the thoughts of others. No need to hide thoughts. They are transmitted immediately to the person you want. If you don´t want to transmit you thoughts, just think without sending in any direction. This is a very important message we have for you about telepathy. When you want to send a message, contact the other person mentally. It is a wrong conception that when you communicate telepathically all thoughts are open to anyone. There is an inherent code of respect. We receive only those messages that are supposed to be transmitted to us. We did not invade your privacy. At the same time we recognize what you want to transmit.

The fifth dimension, gives you the opportunity to be with your galaxy friends. However, coming into the fifth dimension will require a higher frequency, and a high intensity. This is why we have the stargate, to elevate your energy to exist in the fifth dimension. Those in the fifth dimension, can move easily through the fourth. This is not like going from the fifth to the third dimension, which requires a certain amount of hability. Moving Arcturian Channelling: 5th Dimension | In5D.comfrom fifth to fourth is as easy as falling asleep and enter in a dream state.

Moving from the fifth to the third dimension requires that one has achieved ascension mastery. Requires special guidance and care. We are not guardians of that process. The guardians of the process of moving from the fifth to the third dimension are in the next levels, Kuthumi and Sananda .

We know you want to come into the level where our motherships are, and travel through the dimensions. How can you do it? When you raise your consciousness, you can create beautiful thoughts and projections and you can move your spirit through higher levels. You can project yourself through a light tunnel, through a hole in the space that you call the third dimension. This is not really a hole as you know them, but is a door through you can enter with your consciousness. Imagine that this door exists in your mind. Bring your conciousness to this door and go far in this corridor of light with us. Go through the tunnel of light, can hear a whistle …..and enter in the fifth dimension.

The dimensions are set in layers one above the other. When you are in the fifth dimension, even if that dimension is not visible to the earth, is still at the level of the fifth dimension of the galaxy and occupies a space in the fifth dimension in the Arcturian system. The Earth has not expressed his vibration of the fifth dimension. We are working to help to elevate your own vibration into the fifth dimension, we are also simultaneously helping to elevate the vibration of the Earth at the level of the fifth dimension. This is an important point to understand. The level of the third dimension in a sense wil still remains limited after the planetary ascension. We are helping to make portals and grids of the fifth dimension to the Earth. Also, the Pleiadians are involved in this project and its half completed. We don´t want to produce a strong movement to the earth, but it will be experimented as a shock when it happens. There are many on the third dimension, who are working connecting with higher energy and higher spiritual beings. By doing this, you are actually helping to assemble and match the two dimensions. This will be a powerful transformation for you and a pleasure for us. One of the great features as starseeds, is to help with the process of assembling and connecting the third to the fifth dimension.

The Light of the Fifth Dimension

It´s very important that you understand how to interact with the light of the fifth dimension. Our mission, again, focuses on create a bridge from the third to the fifth. The Arcturians are able to send a specific light that can penetrate into the third dimension and go to you easily. The transformation energy is in basic patterns of a transmitter and a receiver. If this energy is sent without a receiver, then the circuit is not complete. It’s that simple. We’re working with you to purify your ability to receive. When you allow yourself to have a greater sensitivity, then you can receive this energy of the fifth dimensión.

The fifth dimensional energy is continuously sent to you in different ways. Some of this energy is sent in waves of thought. There are some like the medium or receiver, who are able to get our thoughts. Other starseeds are receiving power from the fifth dimension as music. A number of you may receive Arcturian energy, creating paintings and cosmic images. Others may receive specifically through sounds and tones. A few talented lightworkers can transmit this energy to the fifth dimension through his hands as healing energy. everyone of you have the ability tto send healing energy of the fifth dimension through your hands.

There are many ways in which this connection with the fifth dimension happens. It may happen in dreams. This connection can also be made through the projection of thoughts. With this projection of thoughts you can project yourself into our planet, our ships, our temples, our home planet. Currently you can move yourself through these places. It´s very important that now you use all the things to connect with this light of the fifth dimension.


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