Elizabeth Ayres Escher – Into the Light We Go Together – 1-1-14

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Journal Entry 01.01.2014

Into the Light We Go Together

Ah, the start of another year, another day, another life, perhaps. All the messages coming in right now from various channelers and even astrologers indicate great changes and opportunities are now within the grasp of those who are awake and walking with open eyes into the New.

And here I sit listening to the noise outside; I’m not one for fireworks, although I loved them as a child. Anything noisy is trying right now such is my sensitivity to the environment in which I live. So I endure for the time being. A nice cabin in the woods far, far away from the city appeals in these moments, but since I’m here, I’ll let my imagination carry me into my dream world.

What do you want to see come into your world in this new year? It would be a pleasant thing to be able to come together in groups all those of us who have strived so hard to raise up our frequency levels to meet the new. The joining of soul mates and companions… now that is a dream to hold in your heart. And even those around you now who do not seem to be awake, they will be by the end of this new year. So much is to happen that people will be unable to pretend any longer. And many will lay down their burdens more easier due to work done by the frontrunners, the gatekeepers and bridge-builders.

It’s not time to rest on our laurels. In myself I see much I can still release, yet I am not the same person who entered the now past year of 2013. Transparency and honesty, creativity and passion are what drive me forward and upward. There is a burning within that I cannot deny, a desire to express and convey the meaning of beauty, freedom, harmony, grace, healing and serenity…these are the things I long for to manifest fully in my life.

May this new year bring peace, abundance and healing to those who suffer without cause, the children, the lonely widows of war, the poor, the homeless, the mentally estranged, the forgotten ones… and the animals, the blessed animals who can teach us so much about unconditional love by a glance of their brimming eyes.

You are love. You are made of love. Love is the highest vibrational energy in the Universe; it is the stuff that makes up the body in which you, as spirit, now dwell. Can you love yourself fully in this new year.

There is so much to experience and experiment within ourselves, exploring the inner worlds and mastering alchemy. I hope my Sirian friends and mentors will continue to teach me, in my dreams and in my waking moments.

Expansion into the universe that exists within our own heart spaces is an avenue to explore in this new year. Seeking to find and remain in a calm space while the outside world undergoes its throes of turmoil and change. Find the inner smile that will keep your spirit ever buoyant when you are confronted with the last vestiges of shadow; the sun draws nigh and lifts you up into its arms of light.

Be thou hopeful, dear sisters and brothers. My heart expands into the vision of beauty that I have glimpsed recently in my dreams, of an ever green land, filled with wild grasses, high mountains, sparkling waters and joyous people. Join me there, even if in our dreams for a time, until the etheric truly anchors fully into the physical realm.

The Goddess returns to us through us and dances fully with the Divine Masculine, the Solar God, the Sun behind the sun. Think with your Divine Heart and Divine Mind. The language of the poets, musicians and artists will carry you farther than all the words and platitudes you learned at your father’s knees.

Go, beloved, and become again the fullness of your Being, bringing your Higher Self fully into your physical vehicle and offering your gifts to the world so all might strive.

We came here to see that all ascend and we will do it, together.

My love to all in this coming year and forever.

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara and Eliza, too.


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