Karen Doonan – Deconstructing the Human Ego in Preparation for the New Earth – 12-29-13

Karen Doonan


For many of  you at this moment in your outer waking life experience events may be at a level that you feel as if you are somehow being punished or that you walk the “wrong” path. It may be that the more that you try to “fix” your outer waking reality and try to harness the balance that your SOUL craves at human level the more your outer waking life makes no sense. This is all by DESIGN and I would highlight and underline strongly the word “DESIGN”. NONE of this human life experience is by chance, accident or co-incidence, even synchronicity is a construct that requires to be fully dissolved in order to reach full FLOW in the New Earth frequencies.

What you are being asked to do at a human conscious waking mind level is to let go of who you have been TAUGHT that you are. These teachings come from your human family, culture, society etc. For ALL of these teachings are but smoke screens preventing your from accessing and harnessing the POWER that YOU ARE in TRUTH.  I have blogged and guided around the arrival of your human form into the outer waking reality that is life upon this planet. Up until the birth of the New Earth the ONLY way in which to arrive on this planet in a human form, the need of your SOUL to protect your energies from the distortions of the old 3d earth was to create an overlay into which you were born. This overlay is your human family and the teachings of the old 3d earth, it is the STORIES that were CREATED and that you were TAUGHT to anchor within you as a frequency. This drives your human life experience, it drives your creations, it drives your thoughts and your interactions with others in human form. For what you BELIEVE and that which you FILTER determines the reality that you are able to perceive through the human vehicle into which you have incarnated.

You are more than your human vehicle, your human vehicle exists to allow you to walk across the planet and to interact with others on this planet. As you move into full MULTI DIMENSIONALITY then you are able to blend your energy with your human experience and EXPAND both at the same moment. This is a process that many of you now are moving into and through. Many more of you are focusing on the outer waking life experience and trying to decipher what is asked of you. The human life experience is a CONSTRUCT of the frequencies that you were TAUGHT to anchor within the old 3d earth reality. EVERYTHING in the universe is energy and everything is a FREQUENCY, the higher the frequency the deeper and more expansive the LOVE that IS appears for the LOVE that IS is the highest frequency that exists in this universe, it is the very FABRIC of this universe.

For many in human form the outer waking reality appears very solid and this confuses and triggers the human vehicle.  It is akin to trying to explain to a blind man that he must simply try harder at being able to see and filtering out the fact that he does not have the required “equipment” to see as you do.  The human vehicle is YOUr EQUIPMENT and you must alter and upgrade this equipment in order to EXPERIENCE that which is described as the New Earth in TRUTH.  By using only the equipment that you have been TAUGHT you have been provided with on this planet you walk in distortion for you then filter out the ACTUAL equipment you have been given. ALL that you require at human conscious waking mind level is ALREADY in place, it sits WITHIN your human vehicle awaiting activation, as the human vehicle is a VEHICLE it runs on FREQUENCY, what you fuel your vehicle with is what you will experience, at this time many of you at attempting to fuel your human vehicle with the lower dimensional frequencies of the old 3d earth as you have been TAUGHT to by said old 3d earth.

The human vehicle itself is changing from cellular level outwards, this change is not seen by the naked human eye so is often filtered out, it is akin to knowing that you are female or male and then filtering out the way in which said female or male will interact with the frequencies.  View if you will trying to “baby proof” your home as a new parent, you can walk around the house as an adult and attempt to ASSUME the dangers that exist to your child.  Another way to do this is to get down to your childs level in order to get ANOTHER perspective and attempt to see the world from their level.  In this analogy only by changing the level at which you view your home can you possibly see the dangers, as you walk about your home at a height/level above your child you are filtering out dangers that do not “apply” to you at the adult height/level.

In the deconstructing of the human ego you are dissolving EVERYTHING you have been taught from birth onwards, if you do not “go down a level” and view your life from that perspective then you will filter out this level of your BEing, continuing to try to work at ADULT level with a frequency that you are blind to as you ASSUME it has no relevance to your adult life.  It is often the very frequencies that were anchored at a VERY young age that blind the most, they are within your human vehicle and have taken ROOT as it were within the cellular structure of your vehicle. As you will generally not challenge your upbringing to the deeper levels you walk blindly through the human life experience for EVERYTHING that you anchored in the first two years of your human life upon this planet and in this incarnation are the FOUNDATION for this human incarnation.

As everything is in the NOW this applies to ALL incarnations across ALL dimensional timelines in which you exist, as the KARMIC frequencies build on each other, you are in TRUTH anchoring and re-anchoring the distorted frequencies repeatedly. To move out of this way of BEing you need to dissolve them fully, as you dissolve them then they are removed from ALL dimensional realities in which they play out. There are BASE DISTORTED non human dimensional timelines that drive these and more information around these can be found on the websites. For those of you ready to address these I offer a short course via the Labrynth School of LIGHT website that will help you dissolve these.  As these are BASE timelines they are the FOUNDATION of the karmic cycles and once they are dissolved ALL realities based upon them also dissolve, allowing you to freely move into the New Earth in TRUTH.

ALL is frequency and ALL is energy, to work to clear your outer vision you must address the frequencies that you run within your human vehicle, as you do this then the outer waking reality will move and shift to reflect the new higher frequency level of your energetic signature in TRUTH. Expansion is the gift in the New Earth, you cannot expand when moving within a KARMIC circle for the circle is containing, in order to dissolve the circle you must detach and view and then dissolve the frequency that maintains the circle you are moving within.  ”going around in circles”,  ”keep me in the loop”, these and more human phrases are hidden in plain view. KARMIC = CIRCULAR = NON expansive.    The New Earth provides one plus one = expansion and is beyond the CIRCLE you have been TAUGHT to believe exists. It is a smoke screen and at this time you are asked to walk beyond the perimeter of the circle you have been TAUGHT to create in order to define SELF for in TRUTH you are beyond definition.



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