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Golden Age Of Gaia

I personally am going through a transition which, for a man, has to be as difficult as any I can imagine.

Archangel Michael once told me of a life I lived as a warrior. I recently saw a TV program on my alter ego and it scared the wits out of me. Apparently his name was used to instill fear in the hearts of children in the nations against which he fought.

I asked Archangel Michael later whether these tales were true and he said they were not, that the tales were embellished by the other side in those wars and sold by today’s historians as true. Well, that was a relief.

But I’m aware of this fearsome energy inside me and could detail all the incidents in my life when I seem to have drawn on it.  Some of them were in the early years of writing this blog. That energy allowed me to write articles in which I listed the crimes of the cabal without trembling in fear and hiding under the bed. (1)

But the need for that aggressiveness is now passing. In fact all that now must go. And it’s hard for a man.

I found myself the other day experiencing as much love as I thought I could hold in this Third-Dimensional suitcase we call a body. I had to express it or explode and the ways it came up to be expressed were so uncomfortable that I just hoped that no man saw me or I’d be considered to have turned into something that men consider to be “unmanly.”

But that’s the challenge for men today as the “divine feminine” and “sacred goddess” energies return to Earth. I know not what the feminine experience is. I can only report the masculine.

Men are learning to love, to express it, and to act from it. And, for us “tough guys,” the living ain’t easy.

We know that we’re entering the Mother’s tsunami of love, also known as “the Event.” Natalie Glasson recently channeled a message that gives us the flavor of what’s occurring.

“As we enter into the Era of Love, the presence of the Goddess is potent, it symbolises that spiritual growth and awakening can be achieved through graceful shifts rather than painful or difficult shifts.

“The divine Goddess vibrations are here to assist you in connecting with the gentler flowing aspect of your being, the peaceful and compassionate aspects of your soul. The purpose of the Goddess is to bring a graceful awakening for all carrying you into love, truth and oneness. You may call upon the presence and the vibrations of the divine Goddess if you are experiencing difficulty or hardship in your reality, mental body or emotional body.” (2)

I never thought that connecting to the gentler aspects of myself could be such a rough ride! She continues:

“The Goddess vibrations are integrating, active and potent; you can now connect with this vibration more than ever before, feeling as if you exist in a cocoon of Goddess light. The vibrations of the Goddess present themselves so gracefully because you are conscious of your divine Goddess presence within your being.

“Your body is resonating with grace, beauty, gentleness, compassion and tenderness; these vibrations currently have a powerful impact upon your being.” (3)

We often hear how some people may feel exceptionally uncomfortable in the face of the downloads of love. I don’t think of myself as resisting them. Far from it. I’m opening to the winds of love as widely as I possibly can. But even for a man who welcomes it, the experience can still be confusing. She encourages us:

“Let the divine feminine vibrations wash over you as if they are cleansing nutritious fragrant waves of light drifting into every aspect of your being. Let yourself embrace the divine Goddess vibrations for they are truly merging with the Earth and the dimension of the planet. (4)

And she tells us:

“Not only are you attracting these qualities but you are activating them from within your being. This means that your body will react differently now to what could be described as more forceful masculine vibrations, these may feel heavy or painful to your entire being.

“As the Goddess is awakening within your being so your Goddess qualities are awakening, you may find yourself seeking a gentle, calming and soothing environment where you can be at peace allowing yourself to blossom gracefully from within.”  (5)

I find myself endlessly repeating Ajahn Sumedho’s advice:

“Some of you might have the desire to become the Buddha of the age, Maitreya, radiating love throughout the world – but instead, I suggest just being an earthworm … who knows only two words – ‘let go, let go, let go.’” (6)

That about sums up the way I feel! I realize that there’s less and less need for the warrior type I’ve always considered myself to be.

I have no desire to hold onto patriarchy. Much of my activism in years gone by has been to end gender persecution. But I also make a plea to women for whom this energy is second nature to appreciate the cognitive dissonance that their men may be going through as we make this transition from a world where courage had a place to a world where the courage to love has replaced it.

We will find our way home, to be sure, but we men are going through some pretty strange territory and stand a good chance of both looking a little weird and feeling completely at sea.

Golden Age Of Gaia

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  1. What a wonderful article sent to me. I recently had a complete and emotional introduction to the feminine side of my self. Then shortly afterwards I actually met this person in human form who asked me to marry her. The changing face of human consciousness is promising the rebirth of humanity’s divine potential.


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