Russellian Science – Part 3 – Magnetic Cubic Wave-fields of Space

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This is where we begin to reveal the true nature of reality. The false academic teachings about Cosmology are owned by a group of money grubbers, who roll out false idols like hawking, sagan, einstein, michio koo koo and others of their ilk to delude mankind with absurd theories and endless smoke screens of distraction. Sci fi impossibilities dominate their presentations and lead mankind into a hell hole world of lies for corporate control, slavery and astronomical profit for themselves at everyone’s expense.

There is no credibility to their many fanciful claims and it is all staged against humanity to divert attention away from the one and only thing which science can do to reverse the ugly tide of corporate control and slavery to: energy barons, war mongers and central bankers.

Free energy technologies which have been created by geniuses like: Tesla, Schauberger, Moray, Meyer and a host of others have been suppressed and hidden from humanity with the smoke screens created by these false academic idols. This false system of mind control “psyence” has reached its end on this planet. This world can no longer support the lies which have enriched the few at great cost and suffering to all sentient beings on this planet.

Walter and Lao Russell’s teachings on Cosmology free mankind from this false system based on the lie of a nuclear atom, quantum mechanics, string theory, newton’s second law of thermodynamics etc. These false ideas will not allow mankind to think of the free energy technologies which will free us all from the war mongers, energy barons and central bankers who have created a living hell here on Earth, so that they may own us and milk and bleed us like cattle for their amusement and control.

Russellian Science is provable, because it is based on Sacred Geometry. Russellian Science reveals the true cyclical Nature of reality which is unknown in dumbed down academic theories of a big bang, explosion based, heat death Universe of one way motion. The cyclical motions seen throughout the Cosmos have been intentionally removed by the social engineers so that mankind will remain slaves to the fuels which they sell and the wars which must be fought to obtain those fuels and the millions of people who must be murdered to steal these fuels.

The central bankers (federal reserve) rake huge profits from all of the murder and mayhem and they do not want this evil system of lies, murder, corruption and control to come to and end. It would mean they would lose the power they have enjoyed since 1913 with the illegal and Un-Constiutional creation of this private banking racket which has bled our country dry several times and destroyed countless lives for their agenda of a new world order, which will tag us like cattle (micro-chips) and ensure our slavery to them forever.

Russellian Science and free energy technologies are the only path out of the hell hole created by evil corporations and bankers who own the current system of slavery.

Free energy technologies have been stolen from humanity by this evil group of control freaks. The purpose of this series is to set man’s mind free so that humanity will realize we have been deceived into this false and unnatural system of slavery, so that we may all demand the immediate release of these hidden technologies which will free mankind and usher in a new age of abundance and joy for all of humanity and end all war and slavery imposed upon us by the energy barons, war mongers and central bankers who now own this world and most people’s minds via their television mind control machine of social indoctrination and social engineering.

“You Can Not Die You are Eternal”

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