Dimitri Halley – Exploring Collective Dreams – Shared Dreaming – by Evita Ochel

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EBTV presents host Evita Ochel (http://www.evitaochel.com) with returning guest Dimitri Halley (http://www.dimitrihalleycenter.com) in a dialogue about collective dreams and shared dreaming.

See part 1 with Dimitri: Facing the Shadow to Liberate From the Illusion
See part 2 with Dimitri: Journey to Self through the Language and Meaning of Dreams

Specific topics covered in the video include:

1. How to move from personal to collective dreams. (2:22)
– Dimitri shares an explanation of the elements required to progress inward
– the role of projections and moving beyond them
– the role of reflection to help us move into deeper levels
– the role of the third person perspective on our journey

2. How as we go more inward, we are able to understand a more expanded view of all that is outward. (9:05)
– the more we go inward, the more we transcend the observation problem/the Ego
– becoming one with all that is, transcending the illusion of separation

3. How judgement and separation keeps us stuck on the surface of the illusion. (11:05)
– the challenges of judging as observing with the senses
– life on a particle level versus a wave level

4. How attachment keeps us stuck on the surface of the illusion. (13:43)
– understanding detachment versus indifference
– coming into the understanding of creating reality without attachment

5. How to know when we have reached the collective level of dreams. (16:00)
– the importance of doing subconscious work and dream work
– living from a state of nonjudgmental awareness
– the role of the tribe you attract into your life
– how awareness leads to manifestation of the experience as a collective

6. Who our collective dream tribe is. (21:30)
– we dream our tribe into reality
– how synchronicity helps us piece our collective dream
– the role of prophecy in our collective dream

7. What the language of collective dreams is, and how it is different from the language of personal dreams. (26:10)
– the role of sounds; primordial sounds and music
– understanding synchronicity as a rhyming of meaning

8. How sound or music is manifested in our actual dreams. (32:30)
– hearing versus living the sound

9. Dimitri shares about his research of team co-creating during shared dreaming. (35:20)
– connection the possibilities presented in the film ‘Inception’
– fostering the collective story to take us into a different space of being
– the need to consider the two splitting timelines

10. A deeper look at prophesies and how they work, including the splitting timelines prophesy. (39:20)
– Dimitri shares about the “world myth” prophesy
– an explanation of the two splitting timelines
– the trajectory of each timeline and its implications for us
– Dimitri shares one of his dreams, which highlights the distinction between speed and rhythm

11. How the cycles are influencing the world myths and prophecies. (49:00)
– linear versus circular timelines
– symbolism of cycles we are experiencing: circular vs pyramidal; feminine vs masculine; water vs fire

12. Dimitri shares the steps for going into the deeper collective realities. (53:10)
– stage 1: Shadow work, psychotherapy & decompression
– stage 2: contemplative & reflective
– stage 3: collective & faith based in Self
– activating the “Self sense”

13. Summary to understand collective dreams. (1:04:20)
– our role as Shamans of the Universe


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