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I have had telepathic communications with the beings which originate from the star of Arcturus. As they naturally operate on higher dimensional frequencies, these inter-dimensional beings are masters in the art of healing and teaching. I have had past lifetimes within these societies, and as a star seed embodied on this planet, I was assigned to re-connect with my star family.
These beings, which are completely telepathic, loving beings of radiant light, observe me, and assist me whenever I ask upon their help.
They refer to themselves as the Arcturians ( simply because they originate from that star system, in actuality they represent themselves with a very intricate holographic symbol which most humans would not be able to decipher, understand or comprehend. therefor they represent themselves as the A’s. )

Any question, message me or ask below. namaste

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  1. I watched your crystal video a couple of months ago. At the end, I guess it was the end, there was some kind of hologram coming out of my screen. It sounded like some kind of space chatter was going on. I was like okay you must have some type of program or am I losing it? I don’t think my Galaxy tablet supports this kind of thing yet. If that seems normal to you, do u know anyone in Chicago that knows anything about this? I have also seen liquid like vortexes and orbs. Oh, and a couple of teenagers at two different times appeared in front of me for a second or two. I feel that I am in serious need of some kind of help or direction please, I would be very thankful


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