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It is time we spoke for ourselves. — Released on January 1, 2012, the answer came as a comment in mid-April 2012. It is now July 1, 2012 and the comments and conversation continues. I cannot authenticate the commenter, yet he/she is another voice in this pivotal year. The comments are offered almost daily, you might want to check them out.


What’s happened since then?  We’ve woken up on a grand scale.  We made a choice to shift this planet ourselves, which is not surprising for a population of Masters.  UFO sightings have increased tenfold.  UFO landings have not.

That’s fine.  The invitation still stands.  They know where we live.  They even know who sent the invite.

We have woken up and thrown off our covers to reveal our sovereignty.  We are not meek or subservient, but absolutely brilliant.  Any conversation that leaves us waiting or having to perform yet one more thing in order to receive something is not worth having.

Recognize a continuation of the experiment wherever and whenever it shows up.  It may spring from an unlikely source, yet the feeling of waiting and unworthiness is unmistakable.

Now I’ve looked for ships, seen ships and spoken to their inhabitants.  It’ll be great to meet them and get to know each other.  That could happen anytime.  There is nothing left to do in order to receive a response to an invitation.  Once sent, the ball is clearly in another court.

Do you realize what you’ve done?  The cabal is coming down.  Not because someone else from someplace else brought them down, but because you did.  You planned it that way.  You’ve succeeded.

There is nothing more powerful than a self aware being.  You are lesser than none; a beacon of light.  The veil has been thick and obscured your vision.  It can be a bit blurry when you first emerge – confusion results.  You’ve mistakenly believed that the light was emanating from some other.  Not so.  Those are mirrors.  The reflection of your light is blinding.

In this time of emergence, carefully evaluate everything.  Songs, conversations and actions are reflections of where we are.  Anything that empowers and instigates fun and joy without requirement or judgment is growth producing.

It’s a tricky moment.  We are equal to everyone.  Not greater.  Not lesser.  Equal.  Expect as much respect as you offer.  Regardless of worlds from which we spring, we are One.
Worldwide disclosure will catapult many events and expose eons of hidden history.  We’ve been clear on our intent.  We’ve spoken as One.  We do not need to speak again.  The invite was sent and received.

Why it hasn’t been accepted is not clear.  Yet one thing is.  Any message that informs us there is still something we must do before it is, is just a continuation of slave talk.  That experiment is over.

Be ready for the new and expect your wildest dreams.  You are beholden to none, whether on or off world.

We are at the threshold of amazing.  This demands a willingness to trust yourself, to love without condition and to hold yourself in a place of power.  If you’ve ever heard the expression, “He’s more afraid of you than you are of him”, consider the idea that it doesn’t only apply to wild animals.  This delay of contact would seem to imply that it references our off world cousins as well.

Understand the power you hold may be perceived as dangerous or unpredictable.  Send only love, acceptance and unity without fear or subservience.
Embrace a world that includes all possibilities for creation and life and that is the world we’ll inhabit.  This is our intention, our creation, our world.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

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