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We all know the importance of taking some time out, and we all know the importance of self care yet somehow we’ve forgotten how simple it can be to do it on a regular basis.

You only have to flick through a travel magazine to see countless ads for retreats, spas and adventures to far flung shores to find peace. Don’t get me wrong, these things are awesome, but they’ve added to the myth that you have to go far or spend big bucks to enjoy some “me-time.”

Somehow we think that working like a crazy person and saving all our hard-earned cash to go on a zen retreat in India is the only way to really reconnect with ourselves.

Not true.

In fact, with just a little planning, you can create the perfect self love staycation, a retreat at home filled with all the elements required to nourish and nurture your soul. It’s a really simple concept that can have an amazing impact on your life. I try and plan one of these every month. A total switch off and recharge for mind, body and spirit.

Here’s a simple 7 step guide to creating your most awesome Self Love Staycation

1. Schedule some solo time for your staycation.

How long should it be? Go with what feels right—maybe a full weekend, maybe a half day, whatever works for you. But here’s the thing: once you decide, stick to your decision! (This might require you to say no to invites/requests of your time.) This in itself is a great lesson in self-worth. For me, one full day is the perfect amount of time to completely bliss out and recharge.

2. Do whatever you need to do to clear the space.

That could mean shipping the kids and husband away for the weekend, ensuring you’ve cleared your diary, or telling your nearest and dearest that you won’t be available that date. Another important thing is to literally create the space. Make sure wherever you plan to spend your day is clean and tidy. You’ll struggle to feel zen if you have a massive pile of laundry or a sink full of dishes waiting for you.

3. Stock up on the good stuff.

Maybe you’ll want to stock up on veggies for your green juice, a new journal, your favorite bath oils, or soothing candles. It’s important to make sure you have everything you need, but also that you don’t end up spending a zillion bucks. If you spend a ton of money, you’re just giving yourself an excuse not to do it regularly. This needs to be an affordable treat.

4. Don’t go too crazy planning what you’ll actually do.

Leave some space to just be. Ask yourself what your soul vitamins are, and then just see how you feel. It might be that you’ll wind up taking a long bath and reading a book. Or maybe you’ll make juice and do some yoga. Think of it like a room service menu at a lush hotel…. give yourself a heap of options, but then just go with what feels right.

5. Set an intention.

This is your theme for the day. It can be whatever you want it to be. I normally go with a feeling—say, abundance orgratitude and then spend some time contemplating what that means to me. Another idea worth exploring is using your favorite personal development book. Have a notebook on hand, and give yourself the time to really delve into it. You’ll be amazed how much deeper you’ll go when you’ve created a heart centered space with no distractions.

6. Switch off.

Yup, you know it … no phone, no TV, no laptop. This is a sacred time to really invest in your own wellbeing. Checking your phone every 10 minutes will totally kill the vibe. The world will not fall apart because you unplugged, trust me.

7. Shift your mindset.

The last thing to do before you start your staycation is to shift from your head to your heartYou’ll notice when you’re “in” your head space because you’ll have a busy mind, lots of internal chatter and dialogue. Overthinking, analyzing, and worrying are telltale signs of being in your head space, as are terms like should and have to. So, in order to shift into your heart space, (which is an awesome place to be) start your staycation with some form of mindfulness exercise. Again, do whatever feels right for you. Meditation, yoga, tai chi or just some quiet time in nature. The aim is to go from a place of thinking to a place of feeling.

What are you waiting for? Grab your diary and schedule your staycation. Treat this article as your permission slip. You deserve it!

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