Courtney Brown – Atlantis – Earth Changes – Interviewer Kerry Cassidy

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Dr. Courtney Brown will discuss two important and recently completed projects done at The Farsight Institute. The first is the successful conclusion of the 2008-2013 Climate Project, where remote viewers working at The Farsight Institute correctly described five years in advance extraordinary climate change that is still ongoing today as well as once-in-a-lifetime potentially devastating meteor events that were completely unknown to mainstream science in 2008. Dr. Brown will also give new insights and evidence suggesting how the Climate Project data may have been used by human authorities to alter our timeline. The second project is the riveting new Atlantis Project that describes in unprecedented detail the final days of a past technologically advanced human civilization on Earth that destroyed itself entirely. This is the first detailed look this ancient civilization that uses military-grade remote viewing combined with explicit Google Earth imagery to show the daily lives of the people in that society, how they witnessed their own destruction, exactly what they did exactly to destroy their world, and why we are unambiguously their descendents. Secrecy cloaked science destroyed our world in the past, and we are repeating those same mistakes today. Now is the time to learn from our past.

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