Every Bit of the Landscape was a Unique Expression of the Divine


Skógafoss, Iceland (Enrique Pacheco)

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AngelicView: This NDE is from a woman who had an amniotic embolism, but they thought she was having an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and so were perhaps delaying proper treatment because of the misunderstanding of the situation. Medicine is not an exact science, and these things happen – most of the time without any particular “mistake” made, just a wrong supposition of the circumstance.

Anyway, she describes being in the void, where a soul of a little boy is wanting her to return him to the earth-bound realm. She wants to help him and so does do this. This portion of the NDE was particularly intriguing to me. It is very common to be approached by poor (usually sad-looking) souls in the void or in the tunnel who want you to help them, or sometimes they don’t ask for help but as you pass them you feel…

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