Archangel Michael – You have reached your target – You still have to acknowledge it now – Channeller Marc Gamma – 11-6-13

Archangel Michael

Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans, this is I, Archangel Michael speaking. Again some other vivid week has  passed by and much has happened in the meantime. All of last weekend’s energies have not been digested by you entirely and your bodies are still kept busy with integration of them having reached you and Gaia in previous days.

However, we do not want look back but forward since everything which is upon you when looking forward – it is so powerful, wonderful and it will change everything. There will be matters to be manifested in your reality which finally will become visible too.

We had – and this comprises you and us too – to wait quite a long time in order to see this moment. And there were so many postponements which we had to inform you of again and again since there were certain framing structures prooving out not very ideal ones for such manifestations.

This having passed now – finally we are able to see all the possibilities which we have repeatedly mentioned to you before. You will stumble yourselves over such matters. And these are important to you and they will shock this world and its inhabitants likewise.

With shocking we do not mean any earthquakes but your fundamental knowledge, comprehension and everything that has been valid to you up to now. In the beginning it will be little but will increasingly grow more and more. You will notice it soon subsequently when all our messages will be supplemented in weeks to come telling you what has happened in the meantime here.

The only problem is that many people here are expecting matters which never had been mentioned or meant by us. You are concentrating mainly on such matters not being relevant to us and which according to our view do not have any influence too. If you learn to acknowledge that it are the minor matters producing change – you would also understand to become aware of them in the right way.

Everything which is going to happen within the next following days now will be in conjunction to the events of last weekend. All the huge energies you have had to take up and integrate into your bodies – it was simply powerful! These energies affected so many people to notice that conditions that were – cannot be upheld any longer. Many human actually woke up wishing now that change will come next.

This is the very turning point so much feared by the dark powers. There are not enough souls any longer needed to keep up and guarantee the existence of their functioning means of power. It will collapse – better explained – implode soon. They, the dark powers lost the battle!

What is left to them only is time. This is particularly the very time given to them in order to welcome the inevitable and to receive it. They are fighting with all their power against the inevitable dooming for them – against something which is completely unknown to them. They are at a loss to know why everything is out of function now. They do not comprehend at all that everything having had functioned so well all along may now implode before their very eyes.

There is quite a lot of fear among them and they panic – they are frightened and this will become the great chance to all light. Since light may be of help to them. Light may show a way-out to them. And this way-out will lead into some new future out of previous darkness presenting them with some chance of acknowledge that until now they have followed a way into wrong directions.

We shall endow time on them in order they may become aware in due course. For this is the very matter the Creator of All-There-Is is wishing. He wants to so many humans having a chance to progress forward in their very own way – setting step by step themselves. Since this will become essential for achieving any ascension. Much negative energy will be dissolved thereby and it will liberate ascension-routes so that we do not need to intervene in any way. The road of ascension will be free so that humans here on earth will be able to do it on their own and none of our powerful intervention will be necessary.

Concluding our message of today already now we want to share with you something enjoyable and positive. Our channel has noticed with delight that there is one minor lingual group of lightworkers achieving so much. Readers of our messages from the Bulgarian Realm have overtaken all other minor lingual groups having domineered until now.

What is the meaning of our note above ? It is not that we mean to conduct some sort of competition between various languages and appertaining countries to them. No, we just want to show to you that some mutual co-operating groups may achieve to reach out to people if they have a strong belief to attain something which had been considered as impossible in the past.

We do share this our channel’s delight and include thereto the translating lady too. As I informed this channel before several times – one matter are statistics – yet invisible despite all statistics – they do represent some small truth only. Many messages are being received by other channels and published thereafter – transferred by so many humans also –  so that it is quite impossible to notice what true reality may look like.

We told our channel many a time – and he loves it too – “leave the spreading of our messages entirely to us and let us guide you in this context!”

And now he again could become aware that trusting us has become worthwhile too.

This is quite important, dearest humans, which I tried to explain to you with my concluding words here. It is incredibly essential that you comprehend the following: “If you decide to work mutually together you will be able to achieve so much ! Focus on targets that you may arrive at as some collective and group and never you will experience disappointment !”

In the very sense of my words above I am finalizing now this message of mine and wishing you some mutual and effective activities for this is your sole possibility to acknowledge : “it just will turn out better in this way!”

With great love to you and your community of light

yours Archangel Michael

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