Gaia Portal – Flame Grids have alerted Hu-manity to its Impending Dissolution – 11-4-13


NOTE: This notice may be about our 3D Illusion no longer being supported.   Time to lift your vibration, clearing negative Thought Patterns, living Unconditional Love – every Now Moment.    –   PLEASE COMMENT

Gaia Portal   –   11-4-13

Flame grids have alerted hu-manity to its impending dissolution, and  hu-manity has in large part responded.

Grids for birthing, en masse, of the Gaia Hue-manity proforma community are fully in place, and will remain.

hu-manity paradigm can not continue, as it lacks energetic support, on all dimensions.

Participation of Hue-manity with dissolved paradigms is not supported.

Energetics of Gaia current remain stable.

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