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There are 66 Universal Laws that apply to all people, places and things, everywhere, every time. I am listing each of the 66 Universal Laws that I
There are numerous Universal Laws. I am listing 66 of them 1-30 today, and 31-66 tomorrow.

have been studying in my seminary program for my Doctor of Spiritual Awareness Program, as well as examples of how I see these laws at work in my life, or in my understanding of how they work in my earthly experience. I invite everyone to spend some time meditating on these Universal Laws, to see how they play out in your life. Coming to a greater awareness of the dynamics of how things work, especially in our relationships with ourselves, and others, can help us on many levels, including putting our spiritual journey on the fast track to spiritual maturity and growth.

Doctor of Spiritual Awareness Course
66 Universal Laws

Each one of these Universal Laws could be an entire feature article 500 words long:

1. The Law of Abundance
a. I manifested my business by only allowing good thoughts in
b. authored my book, “The Virtue of Virtues,” using persistence writing a minimum of 15 minutes per day
c. successfully retired early, allowing for my ordained ministry

2. The Law of Action
a. I have taught spirituality since I was 16 years old, for 42 years
b. had 5 children, and 6 foster children, to help humanity
c. I am a Chaplain volunteer at the hospital, for my 45 hours of chaplaincy hours required, but I plan to continue after that.

3. The Law of Akasha ~ This is a great cosmic law which is the principle of the intelligence of substance
I see this as a mirror reflection of my life:
a. growth in character (mental) substance, in how I live my life
b. growth in spiritual (empathy, compassion, forgiveness, Love) intelligence substance, prayer and meditation
c. growth in physical substance, diet and exercise

4. The Law of Analogy
a. role of Universal Life Church ordained ministry, understanding all religions and knowing their differences
b. past work as massage therapist, knowing my physical abilities and limitations
c. decision to continue education, change careers, and knowing why I needed to grow and change

5. The Law of Ascension
a. When I first worked with crystals, the frequency was too high which made me feel off (dizzy and nauseous) until my vibration increased
b. People seeing a very white aura around me
c. the more my knowledge rises to understand, the more I see God as All Is One

6. The Law of Attraction
a. how I attracted my husband to me, I asked God who he made just for me and John kept calling, our life paths have crossed many times in this life
b. my new house, 20 feet by 15 feet, perfect size for our retired budget
c. manifested my Chaplaincy volunteer hours, and my blog now reaches over 28,193 people worldwide

7. The Law of Balance
a. naturopath’s remedy of porcupine thyroid medicine, balances my thyroid, not artificial drugs with dyes and preservatives
b. dentist cleaning, to balance my mouth
c. drinking distilled water, which has equal balance of alkaline and acid bringing the physical body into the perfectly balanced PH of 7

8. The Law of Challenge
a. prayer to heal a problem
b. when making life changes, like quitting work and retiring, having right decision confirmed at least three times
c. becoming aware of life patterns when they repeat three times, trying to capture our attention, like in relationships or finances, balancing the checkbook

9. The Law of Chemical Affinity
a. There are crystals in the blood and water of our body that follow natural laws that magnify or decrease
b. our thoughts create crystalline blockages to stress, manifesting in pain like headaches or other ailments
c. the entire stellar matrix connecting mind, body and spirit to monad, and further connecting us to Divine Source, God, spiritual grid

10. The Law of Cohesion
a. we are made in the image and likeness of the Creator
b. the Divine is closer to us than our next breath
c. our Divine connection makes us eternal, when we live in obedience to God’s laws of loving design, God promises eternal life on an earthly paradise, just as He originally intended in the garden of Eden, so it will be after Armeggedon

11. The Law of Color
a. I always worked in a white uniform as a massage therapist, to reflect all colors, Divine energy flows easiest through white
b. I use color in my home to create peace and Love
c. I dress in the color of the energy I feel each day

12. The Law of Common Ground
a. I used common ground, or compromise, with the children growing up for fairness
b. meditation on problems, work out best with common ground for the mutual good
c. safety regulations in work environments for the common good

13. The Law of Consciousness
a. as I gradually became aware of these laws, more good things happened to me
b. I asked for expanded consciousness, and attended three metaphysical schools
c. I continue expanding through the ULC seminary and am affecting future decisions

14. The Law of Continuity of Consciousness
a. I visited many denominations of churches, to experience first hand, fearing none of them
b. included visits with Jehovah Witness, sharing my understanding also to truly spiritually grow, holding nothing back
c. continue deepening union with God, not only reading the missing years of Jesus literature and Nag Hammadi codices for more enlightenment, but intently focusing on the exact words of the “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures” which is the newest, most accurate Bible I could find, rendered from the original languages, and revised in 2013. No other inspirational book has been read nor distributed so widely.

15. The Law of Cycles
a. history repeats itself
b. life lessons repeat, until I’m conscious of it, like no need to rush through life
c. tree growth bands, seashell bands illustrate cycle growth

16. The Law of Cyclic Return
a. deja vu experiences
b. feeling you know a person well after just meeting them
c. what I plant I will reap

17. The Law of Right Decree
a. empowers my spiritual helpers to liberate them to help me, after I have prayer for their help on earth
b. opens the door for God to help me, in Jesus Christ’s name
c. frees me to work with my own will, in union with Divine Will

18. The Law of Discipline
a. It took me more than half my life to figure out that discipline is freedom, like the boundaries of a lake allows the lake to be
b. weight watchers, I lost 80 pounds
c. committed to writing 15 minutes a day, made my book, “The Virtue of Virtues” possible

19. The Law of Disintegration
a. like Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, a time to break down and a time to build up
b. cleansing and clearing what no longer serves me, like bad habits and addictions
c. living and dying

20. The Law of Divine Flow
a. staying in touch with God in prayer and meditation, consistently allows me to work in infinity, even in human and finite moments
b. in union with God, all things are possible
c. in union with Divine Flow, there is no time, it is the eternal now

21. The Law of Divine Love and Oneness
a. God is Love
b. God created Jesus as his first creation
c. God created all of creation with Jesus at his side through all of it, unified in God’s spirit

22. The Law of Economy
a. go with the flow, the path of least resistance, as in driving on roads, around mountains
b. bloom where I’m planted
c. work within my energy field, either to rest or to be active

23. The Law of Force
a. God’s creation, centrifugal force
b. friends helping friends advance in material and spiritual concepts
c. uniting prayer and meditation to (the) God (Force)

24. The Law of Equalities (or Analogy)
a. tapping into the Universal Mind, prayer and meditation, knowing and acting in God’s system of things as He intended
b. our auric-four body system extends all the way to God (but really God has no time nor space, just our physical mind’s understanding of this)
c. we can draw energy from these invisible but real life forces

25. The Law of Expansion
a. is spiraling, like water going down a drain
b. is spheroidal, like an airplane circling before landing
c. as marigold flower expands its petals as it grows

26. The Law of Expectation
a. what we expect, we plan for and make happen, like a family cookout
b. creation of a baby
c. a job interview

27. The Law of Faith
a. using our inner guidance system, our intuition
b. belief in God
c. knowing a friend is about to call; or having faith in people, or an idea

28. The Law of Fixation
a. regarding individual learning
b. planting, sowing and reaping seeds
c. just reward for previous life, to continue to grow and learn

29. The Law of Flexibility
a. learning to overcome obstacles
b. Let go and let God
c. decisions based on my experience

30. The Law of Forgiveness
a. forgiving people, even when they do not acknowledge their own fault out of their own pride
b. rising in Love above the problem
c. forgiving and releasing anger and negative emotion, allows for room for God to assist me through the Law of Grace

31. The Law of Free Will ~ Law of Choice
a. ultimate good is to voluntarily and willingly surrender our egos, to better love and serve God
b. mind has ultimate freedom to decide what to do with each thought
c. we have complete freedom to Love God, or not; to have a life with God in each moment of it, or not have God in any of it, or even to decide which parts of our life we will relegate God to so as not to have God in other parts of life

32. The Law of Gender
a. states that everything in creation has gender, I am female
b. each gender reflects both genders within itself
c. all planes include gender. The spiritual plane manifests Mother/Father God with motherly and fatherly attributes; our brains have a male and female aspect in thinking and acting; and our physical bodies are male or female. Plants and animals also reflect these natures

Tomorrow I will cover Universal Laws 31-66.

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