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Galactic Free Press

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Quoted from Earth Ally Seraphin” ….You can’t deny the feel of the world right now. It’s electric…”

Greetings Love Beings, Change is In the Air and Everyone is beginning to Experience, Feel and See this Energy, Literally. Big Changes are underway and It Just keeps getting More Exciting Energetically Speaking with the Up coming Full Moon Energies and the First of 2 Eclipse’s. With So Much Going on, it really is the Moment Humanity Needs to let go of the old and Rise UP!!! These Energies will Only Intensify Now and we have some celestial incoming events to assist with This as well! So Much is happening at a fast pace since we entered an acceleration period, with Increased Assistance from the Sun and this Solar System, not to mention the vast amounts of Craft From All of Creation who Are Here to Observe the Greatest Event Which has Ever Occurred IN Creation. All Eyes are Indeed On Planet Earth=Heart as the Destiny of this Planet is Happening. A Full Planetary Peace and Complete Awakening is Underway, despite all attempts to distract and detour. A Major Breakthrough has Occurred and we will see the results of this in the coming Weeks and Months. We are Moving at a Faster than Light speed Vibration Energy. Its going to be rough for those clinging to the old paradigm, as Love’s Intensity Increase’s.

Quoted from Lena Stevens October Report”……Humor will be a great relief and support this month. So laugh, cry, fall apart, be a basket case, turn into a puddle, give up, give in, listen to your heart, change the game and rise up from your own ashes reset and reborn....”

Quoted from Pam Younghans….“October seems like a turning point month to me. An important shift is set to occur in the weeks leading up to the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th, a shift that marks the next step in our evolutionary process.” Based on my own life and recent conversations with clients and friends, I would say there’s a strong sense of “turning point” in the air. Something is ready to shift.THE ENERGIES seem to be swirling in place at the moment. What is happening is a clearing of lower vibrations from our emotional, mental and physical bodies. The result is that we are experiencing similar challenges and situations over and over as the energies circle around…..” End of Quote

Quoted from Marlene Swetlishoff ” ….The heavens smile down upon the Earth as she moves into alignment with her destiny. Seen from the higher realms, the wonder of this movement is beyond reckoning. The celestial movements that are occurring and will continue to occur bring transformation of the highest order. The old ways are fast becoming just a dream and new beginnings are ripe with potential. These are times spoken of through the ages and it is now here at last. First it begins on the etheric energy levels and filters its way into every facet of life and living upon your planet. Profound change and transformation is wending its way into every cell of existence and the Earth is being prepared for a grand ceremony. All the teeming chaos that seems to erupt is only chasing the shadows as they go. Behind them comes something wonderful, something magnificent, something humanity has envisioned in its heart of hearts. The new reality is moving into place and its movement into your lives is quiet, graceful and filled with peaceful joy and contentment. More moments of the frequency of bliss and ecstasy are becoming more commonplace amongst those of you who have waited long for these moments. Tune in and tune up, Dear Ones, for this is only the beginning…..The denser energies are fast departing leaving behind the anticipation of the new…..The Light is spreading exponentially across the face of your planet and it is unstoppable. YOU are that Light, you hold the vision, the potential within your beautiful hearts and you rise into the heavens on angel wings. This is how heaven is anchored on Earth and it begins in earnest. All human angels now unite their efforts to bring heaven on Earth. Goodness begets goodness and magic is the order of each day. Open your eyes and see with your heart. Spread your wings and fly, children of the Light! Rejoice and let your hearts be at peace.…” End of Quote

Galactic Free Press

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