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October 18, 2013  /  By Isha Lerner

An eclipse, whether solar or lunar, has been recorded in indigenous myth and story- telling to be a time for shadow healing. It was considered an opportunity to offer shadow to the eclipse, allowing the sun and the moon to purify and renew life.

On October 18th an eclipsed full moon occurs at 26 degrees Aries. The Sabian Symbol for this degree of the zodiac reads as follows:

A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold

Keywords: Good fortune or waste of fortune.

This Aries full moon is ruled by Mars, the planet representing will, masculine energy, war, action, and leadership, and in this Full Moon chart, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is opposite Chiron, the planet commonly associated with the ‘wounded healer.’

With all that’s happening in our world today, I cannot help notice how the ‘wounded male’ energy is powerfully highlighted during this eclipsed moon. The ‘shadow’ of the male within needs repair, and whether male or female, we must examine inner authority, leadership, power, and courage. Mars represents the use of Personal Will and Divine Will. By putting emphasis on the Will of Power, the deepest longing for Love may be summoned.

Let me explain. I’ve ju

st finished teaching two tarot workshops in Japan using my deck, The Inner Child Cards. In this class we examine the evolutionary path of consciousness, or The Fool’s Journey, as seen through the lens of the twenty-two major arcana cards, also known as the Greater Mysteries. The succession of cycles shown from 0 The Fool through 21 The World illustrates the many stages of human development the human soul progresses through, perhaps many times, in one incarnation. These various stages, beginning with primal human emotion and longing, progress toward the maturation acquired through the lessons of surrender, transformation, death, rebirth, awakening, hope, and ultimately, a more conscious life.

You might wonder, what this has to do with a Full

Moon, Mars, the human Will, and the summoning of Love?

The male and female balance is represented again and again through the lens of the major arcana. In each representation, first shown as 3 The Empress and 4 The Emperor, female energy precedes the male. In the latter part of the journey, when cosmic balance attunes earth and heaven, the Moon precedes the Sun.

The succession shows how beautifully the heart energy, The Empress, the nourishment of the feminine, must flow into the form of the Emperor, the material world. The Empress represents Divine and Unconditional Love where the Emperor represents Divine Form and Unconditional Service. Without the balance of the male/female union, the Empress’s love may lack expression through form, and the Emperor may lack compassion and love in service.

During this Full Moon in Aries, again, with Chiron, the wounded healer, opposite the moon’s ruler, Mars, we may examine these qualities within our life. We can also observe the many ways an ‘out of balance’ male/female society perpetuates behaviors that lack in social conscience and empowerment.

The Emperor, empty of the Empress, represents the personification of the patriarchy at it’s worst. The love of nature, the care for mothers and children, and the understanding of human suffering is disassociated and replaced with material gain for greed, and the misuse of resource and power.

In the Inner Child Cards, The Emperor card is associated with The Emperor’s New Clothes, and the Justice card is associated with The Midas Touch. Both fairy tales are keen examples of the ‘wounded male’ and exemplify that which needs healing in our world today.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon: A man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold, is astoundingly acute as we look into the wounded aspect of wealth, power, leadership, and authority. More is never enough. Sadly, this wound lives within all of Humanity, and represents, in large part, the condition of our political psyche.

It’s time we give this shadow to the moon!

Our earth provides an over-flowing abundance of resource for survival and health; however, global conditions, governed mostly by the ‘wounded male,’ have caused ruthless suffering and dissonant warfare. Mars opposite Chiron, highlights this condition of a struggling world, desperately in need of re-balance and compassionate solutions.

My Full Moon wish: May the force of Goodwill and Empowerment prevail in our future as the Heart of the Feminine pours her Love into the Foundation of a Healed World.

The full moon ignites illumined consciousness!
May we all become a ‘torch of light’ as we burn through shadow and illusion.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ~ Rumi


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