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I have always considered myself an intuitive person. My husband knows this… we’ve been together for 8 years and he accepts that when I make a prediction it often comes true. Lately, I have become more interested in developing my intuitive capabilities because I don’t think I use them to their full advantage. For instance, when I met someone a few years ago, I instantly had a premonition of things ending badly between us. At the time I chose to forego my intuitive warning system and decided I shouldn’t judge the person so harshly just because they are different from me. So I was really open and nice to this person and this turned out to be a bad mistake; things did end up badly.

I am not always correct in my assumptions either. Sometimes, for instance, I think that other people can feel what I feel because to me it is so overwhelming. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that this is just not true. We are all intuitive in some ways, but what has really helped me is to understand the different types of intuition that people may use as their primary means of interacting with the world.

First, there is the mental intuitive. Most people I know are this type. They are the kind of people who are thinkers, more logical and need proof in order to believe. They are also less connected to their heart or emotional side. They seek to understand. Because their focus is on their brain activity and thoughts, people who are this type are more likely to be clairvoyant using their third eye to see things. I have some of this ability, but it’s not my primary.
Mental Intuitive

Second, there is the emotional intuitive (otherwise known as an empath). This is most definitely me. Empaths tend to be more sensitive to the energies of others, may unknowingly take on the energies of others, they get easily overwhelmed and it can be difficult to discern what emotions are theirs versus what emotions belong to others. Unlike the mental intuitive, emotional intuitives are connected to their hearts. It’s a gift sometimes considered a curse, but it can also be a pathway to developing psychic abilities such as clair-cognizance, clair-sentience, telepathy and healing abilities.
Emotional Intuitive

The third type is the physical intuitive. This is the type of intuitive that is highly connected to animals and the earth. Their intuitive ability comes in knowing what the earth, animals and nature needs in order to heal. You probably know some people like this. They are the people with a strong drive to connect with and protect the earth.
Physical Intuitive

And lastly is the spiritual intuitive. Spiritual intuitives are interesting because it’s like they are already living or partially living in a spiritual realm. It’s almost like they are not even on this planet, but floating above it in some way. In fact, this type can be apt to depression if they don’t constantly take action to connect them to life on this earth. They are the kind that is more likely to be in touch with the spirit world and deeply understand the intangible nature of the universe.

Spiritual Intuitive

So what kind of intuitive are you? The key is to figure out your primary intuition modality and then pay attention to psychic abilities that are already there within you. It can be difficult to follow your intuition, but I have found that understanding the different types helps me to tap into what I already know to be true.


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