Understanding the Higher Mind and Higher Self

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YouTube’s Channel Higher Self teaches you how to access your Higher Self Consciousness and experience the Higher Mind state. In this video you will learn what the Higher Self so that you know when you are experiencing it. You will learn about the methods, tools, techniques and spiritual empowerments that will help you to reach this higher state of consciousness. In addition, you will be taught how to tell if which spiritual teachings and techniques are effective for spiritual enlightenment and which are ego-based.

This is a great Channel Higher Self video to learn more about the Higher Self teachings. If you want to know more about the Higher Self Consciousness and your spiritual path then this video is for you. The information in this video will remove many misconceptions about the Higher Self, spiritual enlightnment, spirituality, religion, meditation and spiritual methods/techniques. After watching this video you will have more clarity about the Higher Self spiritual path and if this is the spiritual path for you.


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