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Anxiety is a worldwide problem. It is a problem where our own biology—which was designed to insure our survival as hunters and gatherers—is sabotaging our bodies and minds. When we feel fear or stress, our body releases cortisol (the stress hormone). This cortisol release is part of the fight or flight response. Back in the day, it enabled us to do things like jump out of the way of an attacking predator or falling rock. In today’s world, those kind of dangers aren’t as relevant. But even though they aren’t relevant, we still have the same biological reaction to stress. Any time we perceive danger, our body reacts the same way it would if our survival were at risk and our fight or flight response, is triggered. The body releases cortisol when we get cut off on the highway, our body releases cortisol when we think about being unable to pay the bills on time, our body releases cortisol when we are approached by our boss. What’s more… our body released cortisol whenever we think a fearful thought. Basically, instead of our modern lives being less stressful, they are an absolute minefield of stress inducing scenarios. This means that Cortisol (the stress hormone) is reeking havoc on us in our day to day lives. In this episode of Ask Teal, Teal shares eleven tips, which will help us to get rid of anxiety.
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