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Ascension Symptoms

Source: Contact Talk Radio Broadcast: The New YOU: Your “Soul-quake” and Body Remake!

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1. Physical:

  • – High degree of stress, anxiety – but no apparent reason for this – New energy coming in and pushing old – patterns, beliefs, behaviors to the surface for release.
  • – Extreme exhaustion/fatigue – due to our bodies transforming into a crystalline structure to reside in higher dimension – becoming less dense – this takes an incredible amount of energy
  • – Adrenal stress, blow-out or fatigue – may be occuring at varying degrees depending upon where you are on your journey, how you run and process energy and stress, sleep you are getting and foods you are eating.
  • – Sleeplessness
  • – Inability to wake up or periods of deep sleeping – rest period after a lot of energy has come in, preparing for another period of intense inflow of energy, processing another leap in expansion or vibratioin
  • – Waking up at odd hours – or waking up at the same time on the clock each night
  • – Neck pain/stiffness
  • – Foot pain, – old man syndrome – grounding on the new earth
  • – Low back pain
  • – Night sweats/hot flashes – mock menopause, burning off the lower and denser aspects of ourselves
  • – Feeling cold with inability to get warm
  • – Sinus pressure/headaches/migraines and lots of congestion – opening of crown chakra to allow intake of more energy and greater connection to higher realms, activation of pineal and pituitary glands to increase intuitive and psychic abilities
  • – Joint and muscle aches and pains
  • – Loss of memory – short term – what did I just do, say, eat, read, can’t remember appointments, commitments, etc. – longer term – can’t remember what you did, said, wore last week or last month.
  • – Lack of ability to concentrate
  • – Loss of appetite
  • – OR Feeling ravenous/hungry all the time or at certain times – craving for sweets
  • – Need to eat often – craving for protein
  • – Weight gain – abdominal area – need to expand our being to carry more weight as we are becoming so light we need to ground ourselves on the earth and not float away – also a way to create a layer of “protection” so to speak around our power charkas – from the lower vibrating energies when we interact with them
  • – OR weight loss – no longer need to “hold on” to extra weight or our bodies have adapted to the expansion and so do not need to be literally bigger to hold more light – can do it energetically.
  • – Digestive/digestive tract issues – constipation, loose stool, stomach upset/discomfort/pain, bloating and indigestion, inability to properly digest food as your vibration and the vibration of the food you are consuming may no longer align
  • – Tastes in food change – for example you may notice you lose a taste for and stop eating meat
  • – Eating certain kinds of foods – particularly processed and foods with high amounts of sugar (even natural sugar), salt and fat – causes you to shake – inside and out
  • – Allergies – new ones develop or acting up of current or old ones
  • – Strange rashes
  • – Itchy skin – sometimes feels like something crawling on your skin
  • – Intermittent muscle twitching – in limbs, fingers, etc.
  • – Heart pain and palpitations – feels like your heart is racing – acclimating to higher and more intense energies, opening and activating of heart chakra
  • – Difficulty breathing – difficult to take a deep breath or like you can’t catch your breath
  • – Blurred vision – seeing with new eyes in the new vibration, inability to see what is next or see your truth or true self as it emerges
  • – Dizziness/Vertigo/Loss of Balance
  • – Feeling out of body, not grounded, not present, untethered, spacey , not ‘here’ anymore – walking between two worlds or dimensions or in new dimension and not fully present to it
  • – Ringing in the ears
  • – Loss of ability to (remember how to) write/write certain words/spell/speak and even comprehend – due to jumping back and forth between dimensions, disconnect – not aligned with time – part of you is here and part of you has jumped to the other dimension
  • – Heightened sensitivity to sound, light and smell, energies around you – tuning up your frequency/vibration
  • – Things no longer sounding normal – have a ‘tinny’, hollow or strange sound to them
  • – “Ascension Flu”
  • – Buzzing, Vibrating sensation or feeling of electricity moving through your body – new and higher energies being taken in to the body, process of expansion, activation of chakras, solar discs, your solar light body and shifting of your DNA
  • – Hair turning gray or white in a localized spot on your head – for example a dollar-sized spot appearing at the crown

2. Emotional:

  • – Depression – clearing out negative lower vibrating energies
  • – Panic
  • – Anxiety
  • – Confusion
  • – Lack of Clarity
  • – Fear, terror
  • – Feelings of hysteria
  • – Suicidal
  • – Weeping
  • – Apathy – feeling blah
  • – Sometimes feeling nothing at all – in a place of no feeling – can be disconcerting but this is a clear space and often comes just before or after a major transition point and before we put our human/ego labels on or in to what we are feeling or should be feeling – this is not the same as numb or disassociated/disconnected
  • – Feeling of emptiness – another form of this no feeling or nothingness – feeling nothing – no thing and often comes with desire to immediately fill oneself up – usually with food – sugar – or with tasks – “doingness”
  • – Restlessness
  • – Strong emotional ups and downs
  • – Wild, sometimes violent and vivid dreams
  • – Lack of motivation or ambition – just don’t feel like doing anything at all – we are in a period of rest – we are realigning – this is part of being in the New Vibration or higher dimensions as needing to make things happen or in the ‘doing’ state is no longer necessary – we are squarely in the state of ‘BE’ing

3. Mental/Psychological:

  • – Loss of identity – releasing of the ego self/facets and human form – connecting more to soul or higher self and God-source
  • – Lack of purpose
  • – Loss of motivation, drive, ambition
  • – Not knowing what you like anymore – with respect to things, jobs, people, even your taste in food, style of clothing, etc.
  • – Loss of self
  • – Lots of losses or disappearance of – job, money, relationships, health, family members/friends, – moving beyond what no longer aligns with our vibration – needing to clear out or clear away what no longer vibrates at the same frequency in order to move on or up to next level
  • – Feeling of loss of entire support structure
  • – Feeling the absolute ‘End’ of things is here or that things are ‘over’ or the energy is just dead and you don’t have the ability to or interest in reinvigorating them – for example, relationships/friendships, unsatisfying jobs, where you live, how you have typically have done things or operated in your life, what you think, feel believe, etc.
  • – Inability to find or remember words for things, forget what you were saying in the middle of your sentence,
  • – Basically feeling like you are going crazy

4. Spiritual/Vibrational/Energetic:

  • – Feeling of emptying out or being emptied out or clearing out
  • – Religious beliefs may change or break down or fall away
  • – Morals and values may be thrown into question
  • – Ego bucks, pushes back as it releases and makes way for the soul wisdom to step forward
  • – Disconnection from any structured sense of Time – don’t know what time it is – no relationship to it, forget/miss appointments, can’t keep track of time and no desire to or to be constrained by it, sense of being in timeless space or stuck in time, sense of time racing by – due to now being in the time of no time or timelessness
  • – Letting go of being Ego-centric and living from the head governed by logical/practical thinking and ‘doingness’

5. Other:

  • – Sudden change/s occurring – big and small – that can cause major upheaval if we are not grounded – e.g., change/s in plans in general – or specifically everywhere in life – at work, with projects, in relationship status/marriage/friendships, with clients, where we live, our health, etc.
  • – No desire to wear jewelry – or a feeling of constriction when wearing it
  • – Tastes change – taste in food, clothes, furniture, style etc.

6. Positive Symptoms!

  • – Heightened awareness
  • – Intuition opens and deepens – more in touch with heart – can hear own truth, can read situations with increased perception, clarity and knowing, psychic abilities also open or enhance
  • – At a certain point – more willing to listen to self and trust self
  • – Start to look younger – and feel younger
  • – Experience spontaneous healings – of both new and longstanding ailments
  • – Loss of fear of death/dying
  • – Releasing/Loss of ego – healing of past wounds
  • – Getting off wheel of karma – completing our past
  • – Being unattached to outcomes or results
  • – Less focus on ego’s concerns – money, worries, “what ifs” – the deeper soul knowing takes over and trusts all is well –you’re your higher voice tells you these concerns aren’t really important anyway as you will have evolved beyond them in the New vibration
  • – More focused on what is REALLY important in life
  • – Start to follow path of Soul Purpose and calling
  • – Willing to take more risks regardless of external circumstances and fear
  • – Take on or seek a slower pace of life
  • – More internally focused and inspired than externally driven
  • – Move away from isolated individual and competitiveness to unity and collaboration with others
  • – Living in the Now moment and being Present based
  • – Now living fully from the Heart governed by Heart Wisdom, intuitive/energetic sensing and ‘BE’ingness
  • – Able to manifest immediately what is most desired and aligns with highest and best good and is in the interests of highest and best good of all
  • – Easing of these symptoms as you move through this process and a renewed energy emerging
  • – More attunement, comfort with and trust of the Intuition and ‘gut’/Heart-based decision making and processing
  • – Prosperity,  Abundance and Flow are effortlessly available if we can remain in the Now Moment and keep our vibration pure.

For more information, visit: http://ctrnetwork.com/profile/HillaryHarrisHOST

(Note: This list is always being updated and expanded based on our experience.  If you have a symptom you don’t see on the list and would like to add it, please e-mail me at hillary@ascension360.net or leave a comment in the box below.)

Re-posted from Ascension 360 .net 

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