Theta Wave – Returning Home to Your Natural Self – Infinite Shift


Theta Wave    –   Infinite Shift

I had a vision a few weeks ago. It happened after I realized that humans (and starseeds) have been imprinted with some really unnatural characteristics as a way of controlling and limiting us.

I have never identified with the “average” human. All I could see was the inhumanity, cruelty, stupidity, arrogance, etc. On the other hand, I felt an instant surge of recognition when Barbara Marciniak talked about the “system busters”—incarnate Pleidians—and Delores Cannon’s reference to the “three waves of volunteers” who came to help with the shift. But I couldn’t reconcile the humans I saw in my everyday life with the mission I knew I was on. How could I have agreed to come help these unwilling, unconscious candidates for enlightenment?

Then I realized that I had to remove all “false programming” from myself, my history, thoughts, emotions, life… As I worked, I saw that nearly everything is false programming, and unnatural to my innate, real self. What belongs to my natural self? Love, appreciation, feeling supported, safe, happy, loved, healthy, vital, strong, etc. These are feelings as opposed to emotions.

My work shows me that most of the emotions that we experience are unnatural: jealousy, hate, conditional love, insecurity, ambition, etc.

The few remaining feelings that are left are what is natural to you: love, happiness, vitality, well-being, etc.

So, I can see that I am moving very consciously away from the static of emotions and towards the calm, centered place of feeling. Away from unconscious emotions and beliefs, and toward conscious choice in all things.

I am moving from a landscape of emotions, towards a landscape of feeling.

As I did this work, disentangling myself from all these personal, ancestral, and collective emotions, beliefs, and thoughts, I saw in my mind’s eye a diamond at the center of a dirty crust. I was cracking off this crust, and revealing bit by bit a shining gem at the center. That gem is my natural, empowered self; it has been waiting there—pure and self-contained—for me to make this conscious effort to reveal the truth at the core of myself.

Suddenly, I realized that this is the condition of humanity at this point: most of us are crusted with false programming, emotions that don’t serve us, stories and dramas that drain us, and disempowering beliefs. I saw a vision of how the human is a jewel of pure potential, a priceless gem that needs to be uncovered and re-discovered. Buried for eons under this crust, we have been drained of energy by beings that capitalized on human beings’ amazing creative talents. They usurped our power by claiming that we needed to worship them as gods, and believe in their stories about who we are. They misled us about our birthright. We are creators who don’t know how powerful we really are.

In my vision I saw that once a critical tipping point has been reached, the waking of humanity will spread like a wildfire. It can happen very quickly because it will happen in the collective dreamtime, led by the awakened starseeds.

All you have to do is remove the crust and reveal the gem of your original self underneath. You don’t have to do it for anyone else, because your efforts to remove all polarity from your field of emotions and thoughts will have the effect of changing others by resonance of your vibration of self-love.

Think of what is natural to you. Imagine yourself as the pure child you once were. What is natural to that child? What is not? Remove all unnatural attributes, everything that disempowers and disables you. Retain what feels good and balanced. Neutral is good at this time. Focus on well-being and love and you cannot go wrong.

This is like a personal treasure hunt; it is fun to find that your enlightened self has been there all the time, it was there when you were a child, and before you even incarnated here on Earth. Discover the amazing gem of your original self.

~ Theta Wave    –   Infinite Shift

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