Heavenletter #4689 The World of God , September 26, 2013

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Sirian Heaven


God said:

Welcome to the World of God. It has a special name. It is called Heaven. It is a beautiful frictionless place to be. Its true location is in the Human Heart. Another name for Heaven could be Vastness. Certainly, there are no encumbrances in Heaven, nothing to get in the way of Purity of Heart. There are no arguments, no opposites, nothing extraneous, nothing to get in the way of rising to Heaven. Heaven is smooth-running all the way. No obstacles. Of course, how could there be obstacles to the smooth-running of Heaven?

Heaven is within everyone’s heart. Heaven is really not this distance that you allow it to be. It is so close that We can say that Heaven is no distance at all. It’s only a trick of perception that allows Heaven to be a somewhere sometime later. Heaven does not have to be transported to…

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