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My spirit has most recently been spiraling in joy and ecstasy…feeling the clear and true force of divine light flowing through me!!    I can fully acknowledge and sense that I have just recently walked through a profound gateway of initiation and awakening…and YET…I can also sense my spirit reacting to several old thought patterns and fears.

As a jack-in-the-box pounces to claim authority over that moment (no matter how we prepare ourselves for that inevitable pounce)…so do these old thought patterns challenge my peacefully spiraling energy!!

Yes!!   Once the pounce is complete…I place things in perspective…I claim my truth…and I consciously choose my reality.    But…in the last 24 hours my own personal cosmic jack-in-the-box is in overdrive!!     So much so that it is comical!!    Challenges that never appear in my world anymore…are presenting themselves like an ever-flowing river of annoyances.

So I claimed responsibility.   YES!!   Even for these moments of insanity!!   I claimed responsibility and asked “Why am I still allowing this to be??”        I genuinely asked what part of me still needed to shift.    And then I saw it CLEARLY!!

As Siddhartha Buddha once sat under the Bodhi Tree seeking enlightenment and was challenged with all the forces of illusion and temptation…so am I being tested in my own spiritual strength!!

In the past…I would have allowed these small challenges to symbolize the sadness, disappointment, and lack-of-authenticity there is in the world.    It would have caused me to withdraw my energy and retreat to my ethereal crystalline cave of inner reflection and sole spiritual growth.

BUT…i am no longer that woman any more!!!    Now….I lovingly give each and every soul freedom to BE themselves most genuinely… WITHOUT ALLOWING IT TO AFFECT ME!!     My world is NOT defined by that which another shares or takes…or that which another is able to share or receive!!      I DEFINE MY OWN REALITY!!    If it IS in my world….then “I” have allowed it to be.

Spirit spoke to me early this week about Fair Energy Exchange.     They told me that I would be accepting greater Fair Energy Exchange into my life.    And i thought “How can that be??”    I had assumed Fair Energy Exchange IS Fair Energy Exchange…how can it be anything but.

But they then showed me that if “I” assume my energy to only be worth 3 hugs (my random form of exchange for this teaching)…then that is what I will receive in exchange (when asking for Fair Energy).    BUT…as my interpretation of Self-WORTH expands…so does the Fair Energy Exchange I command!!!

SO….spirit brought me challenges this week to present this teaching in greater light.    Will I define myself by what others feel comfortable in sharing with me???    OR…will i define my own SELF by what “I” choose to be!!!

The feeling of lack, being un-seen, and misunderstood were the ILLUSIONS of my past reality!!!    They all united themselves powerfully to challenge my HEART and SOUL in a profound way!!      But I will no longer SHIFT my loving energy for that which i perceive to be.    I am now the fully empowered MASTER of my own reality!!

That which I know myself to be worthy of…will flow in powerful force and light!!


And to those who know their own radiant worth as well…I invite you to spiral joyfully with me!!

This world is an ever-expanding opportunity TO BE ALL WE SO BLISSFULLY CHOOSE TO BE!!!

In Joy and Ever-flowing Wonder,

From – We Believe In Light 



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  1. Thank YOU for your support and kindness!! ♥ My heart is filled with such passion for this journey that UNITES us in beautiful ways. You are a BLESSING…and I am Grateful!! I look forward to following your posts regularly!! In LOVE ~ Alania


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