Abraham Hicks – How to Play With Your Vortex – Manifesting Your Reality

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Here is some great teachings about Abraham Hicks on how to play around with your vortex that I had to share with you all…
In the past, I had difficulties with my own power of creation, I was almost a non-believer. Then, things happened in my life that made me look inward and forced me to ask to myself: ”Do I really want this in my life?”. So I started to follow the simple techniques shown in this video in my meditation and to my own amazement, things started to happen REALLY quickly and with ease in my life until one of my biggest dream came true in the most UNUSUAL way possible, involving a synchronicity of event that was so surprising, so unpredictable that I found myself in total shock towards the unveiling of this switch in my own reality.

It is true that if you don’t attach an expectation on how an event should happen or how things should be given to you, they come to you using the path of least resistance, even if the path of least resistance is totally crazy and doesn’t make any sense at all!!!!!!!!!!

I now am a believer of the Vortex and every day, I apply the techniques and I found that things that I do not wish in my life have disappeared without me having to do a thing and things I do wish come with ease, almost as if God was giving me whatever I was asking.

Well, it is God, really… 🙂 The vortex is nothing more than your own personnal HIGHER SELF!

I hope this little video will help you create the reality you wish, with love, light and joy!

Om Namah Shivaya (I Am God)

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