Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values

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Posted by Steve Beckow

The first thing on my mind....

Today we listen to Archangel Michael explain what the Company of Heaven does behind the scenes. We hear him arrange a signal to help with discernment and offer to do that for others as well.  We listen to him discuss the wider significance of the global currency reset, which is a global reset of values.

He talks about the rumors of a military coup, the fate of the so-called Black Pope, and the trend of events in Mexico and China.  He discusses “the Event” and the focus on lightworkers. He discusses how to deal with sudden wealth, which include paying off all debt, taking a trip, and most of all having fun.
Finally he gives us our marching orders at Joshua Tree. 

OK, I’m off to the conference! I may report enroute and during. But last time in Sedona, we were so busy that it wasn’t…

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