ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian message part 7- Solar rays, Earth changes, Energy transmutation.

ARCTURUS ANT·49 videos

Benevolent multi-dimensional extra-terrestrials originating from the star of Arcturus, divine expressions of energy which have been assisting us for many thousands of years.
These beings exist within the higher spectrum of light, and connect within large collectives of energy. These beings are unified with a federation of worlds, as they travel the galaxies to assist other star systems in many different ways.
This video is a channeled message, part of a series of videos forming as manuals for personal and planetary evolution. Informative and deeply trancedental. They express their nurturing love towards humanity, as they express ideas of how we can raise the collective frequency of our planet. In these series of channeled messages, they also welcome you to integrate the information of their own civilization, and many aspects of their universal wisdom. Check out the playlist on my age for the other parts

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One thought on “ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian message part 7- Solar rays, Earth changes, Energy transmutation.”

  1. I continue to learn so much from these websites from the acturians. It has changed my vision on life even though i knew some of this from following abraham hicks. This man talking about how the government is trying to scare us of alien beings and even wage war with them makes sense to me. Our governments are so vile and just want to promote fear. Thank you for all this knowledge. I am spreading everything i am learning.Blessed be!


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