Archangel Michael – Channeller Marc Gamma – It will be wonderful that will come – 18.09.2013

Archangel Michael[

Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans, this is the Archangel Michael speaking to you. Again another week has passed by and much has happened in the meantime. My brother – Archangel Raphael – explained already last weekend some new matters too and I shall submit to you alike matter today even more.

Mutually we ‘d like to prepare you for what may be manifested  soon. Please understand that if we announce such manifestations it is because we are able to notice the potential of it and subsequently may also show it to you. But it is solely you to be responsible for the final event! It is not us who are the change but eventually it is always you – please be always aware of it!

Meaning if there is anything not being manifested it is upon you to ask yourselves why this has not been successful in the end. Neither we may do your work for you, also cannot do so and am not allowed to. This is forbidden by the Law of free Will.

Still we are always with you and will support you in such process as well as possible.

Let’s talk about matters which are to manifest soon. There are various matters. Some of them are not to be seen on the surface still there are others which you may already perceive. Let’s concentrate on those which you may notice and identify first.

What I hinted at in various other messages also through other channels again and again that it is solely you who are the Change. As you have been able in the meantime to proceed forward here which is quite an important step! You made a decisive step in case of Syria which I shall also mark in praise repeatedly through other channels. I want to demonstrate to you that finally the time has come that changes have reached your end here on earth.

Furthermore I’d like to link to the explanations my brother has already made. Never has he done so far through this very channel and this was done quite consciously. Each channel has been distributed with a field of his/her own which he may or is allowed to cover. This is due to various reasons which are not detailed here furthermore.

One of the essential elements of submitting information goes back to the fact that all people reading these messages are from all parts over all the world. We deem it important that as many humans as possible may be reached by our messages since this will spread information in a viral way. I believe in such case our message will be read by more and more people and this is what produces much delight in us. The channel is but a tool nothing more nor less.

Let’s deal with the next topic after I have gone a bit lee-ways. The increasing of more crisis’ on earth from day to day is formidable. And in my view this will entail that Governments, Religion, and Economy will be kept busy to achieve some sort of mitigation in order to limit damages.

Since more and more people will ask themselves what is going wrong here? You, at last, have arrived at that point not being any more willing and prepared to endure all alike which you did in the past and this will enable you to defend yourselves on some broad front.

This will lead to such fact that Governments, Religions, and Economies will lose their former “Free-Permit-of-Activities”. They will be watched closely and cannot do any longer according to their own will. This also will increase the numbers of failures and thus more abuses will be made

known drifting to the surface. Those of the Shadow-Part in accordance will face immense difficulties to tell you further lies as you will be able to perceive all their betrayals.

This will be the begin of some very difficult time for the above mentioned ones and contrary to it a very pleasant time for you.

Now I want to deal with the next and last topic of this message:

Be set and prepared for all change since all change is You! We are at your side and we shall assist and support you everywhere we can and where we are allowed to. Call on us, invite us, wishing some desirable matter and we shall give our very best in reciprocating to you.

By which I mean you must invite us to support you. Since everywhere and -when if we are called upon we may be allowed to give you our full assistance. This is so easily said still many of you have not been able to fully understand it, my beloved humans.

Soon I shall return to you with more procedures and accompanying you. I am Archangel Michael and shall be always at your side with my Sword and my Shield.

Call upon me and I shall be with you!

Make use of your power of visualization and I shall appear aside you!

Your Archangel Michael


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