Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Risings To God – 10 September 2013

God said:

Only when you freeze up can you feel that life is too much for you. You get locked in place when you feel that you are not equal to the task, whatever the task may be. You are frozen in place, in space. You are caught in a still shot, and cannot move. Resistance has made you immobile.

Life stretches you, there is no doubt of that. Just as you might grit your teeth and be tight-mouthed, you have become immobile. You don’t know which way to go, and you can’t seem to move. This is also called rigid, beloveds.

Of course you know by now that, in life, you have to bend. Frozen, you cannot bend. It would seem that you have put a protective covering over yourself. You would choose another scenario for yourself where you are buffered rather than exposed. You know that you need to rebound from whatever it is you are dealing with. Initially, you simply are not quite able to deal with it, and so you stop, frozen in place. Frozen must be some kind of respite for you at this time.

You do not know how you can deal with great loss, and so you freeze, as a deer caught in headlights might. Or, perhaps as a chameleon, you do not want to be seen. Whatever the situation of your heart may be, you are stunned. You can’t believe it. You won’t believe it.

It has been said, and you have heard, that nothing is given to you that is too much for you. Hard to believe, yet you will not fall apart. After your pause, your cessation of activity, alone in a silent chamber of your heart, you will come out of shock. You will let go of your protest and your resistance and come to some of kind of settling down. If a loved one has left you, if you have been sentenced to life in prison for a crime you did not commit, if you are faced with bankruptcy, if you are homeless, if you have been fired, if you have been shot, if you are kidnapped, whatever you are assailed with, as much as you can’t make it through, you can, you do, you have.

Here’s how it is. Life goes on, and you go on. No matter how great your heartbreak, no matter how great your innocence, no matter how great your guilt, you survive. Vestiges may linger, yet you come to some kind of settlement, perhaps even peace.

All your life you have probably learned to fight things, to push through, or perhaps you have learned to back off, look the other way, to retreat.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. What goes on around you is not the making of you. You are the making of you. Built in to you is great courage, beloveds. Even lost in a forest or a jungle, you can find your way out. Even when knocked down on the pavement, you can get up. You can get up and walk on. You must walk on.

Being alive on Earth means you move on. Even paralyzed, you move on. Your heart beats. Even in a coma, you are alive, and you have a soul. Your soul is never unconscious. You may be unaware, yet your soul keeps being soul, and your soul stays strong regardless of any or all of what life in the world seems to hand you. You do get up and you do walk on to the sunset, and you do pass the boundaries of the world, and you do keep going, and you prevail. This is what human beings do. They rise.

No matter what occurs, you rise. You are rising now. You are rising to Me now.]

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