What is the Motivation of Your Life? – Softening into You

Tania Marie

IMG_4492Do you often find yourself yearning, chasing after, or searching for something more in your life? And do you put all your eggs in that basket of hopes before you allow yourself to think you can be truly fulfilled, happy, at peace, or able to live in the miracle of you?

Are you in constant competition with others and in fact, even with yourself?

With this perspective of never feeling the contentment, wholeness, and gratitude of what you do have and where you are at right now, you will always have a sense of emptiness and be in the constant race that many have gotten tangled up in – to achieve to some illusory level that when reached will still provide no satisfaction.

You know that there is always going to be something more and of course life is a process of evolution and different things will show up as…

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