SaLuSa – Channeller MADAD – 06.09.2013

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Re-posted from Sirian Heaven

Once we will start to arrive into your reality, all doubts that you still might have had, will vanish into oblivion. We know you are working very hard to align with the “new” way of thinking and after what seemed to be a very long time period, you can now see and feel the change within your thoughts. They are more gentle, more positive, more loving and giving you wonderful feeling of happiness and satisfaction that you have finally made it through the confusion, that this change have brought with itself. Feel the joy for every beautiful thought that comes to your mind, and when for some reason unloving or lower energy thought enters your mind, do not forget to accept it and let it go, as they simply need to leave you because there is no place for them when all thoughts are coming from your loving heart, straight into your brain. These days many of you feel that “a lot is happening in their heads” and we want to assure you that we and your Guides and your Angels are carefully watching over this process and gently moving you to your desired change. Speed of these changes always depends on your wish, and therefore accept that not everyone awakened feels the same at this moment. Do feel comfort in knowing that all is happening at that one and only right moment and giving you the most fulfilling experience of it.Changes of your society are starting to gather speed and you can see them all around. You as collective of souls living together as Nation of planet Earth decided that you want to move on again, and do not wish to stay in previous position of negative feelings and misunderstandings of your true reality and origin. We are ready to show you your history as it happened, as we feel this is the basic point in your awakening, and the pressure on your Leaders is immense now to release all the information that are needed to be said prior to these revelations. Do be assured that when we feel the right moment has come, you will be amazed of all the information flowing from many sources and confirming you what you already feel that is the truth. You will immediately feel it, as you now know with certainty what kind of energy any information carries, so no one can betray you with false and negative hidden behind nice words. You see, that also you needed to grow into this moment as for very long that old system tried to lower your true feelings into minimum possible state of existence, not allowing you to feel that it was only done to serve its masters.

Now your Light is shining so brightly, it is not possible to keep you all under such circumstances and tell you the usual lies. You are now so wise that the truth will not raise any negative feeling within you, as you understand that it would not help you and it is the old way of thinking, which you are now replacing or have already replaced with the new loving way. You will feel such happiness to finally know how it all really happened, how you evolved, how we have come to you and what roles we played in your evolution, that you will have “no time” for returning to these old angry and hateful feelings that you might have at the beginning of your awakening. This truth is arriving to you because you have wished for it and we are very happy to say that you are ready for it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am sending you greetings on behalf of the whole Galactic Federation of Light, where all of us are ready and prepared for coming days that will be filled with immense joy and that will get us so very close to you all, closer than we have ever been able to get. Feel our connection to you.

Channeller: MADAD

Author: Higher Density Blog

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