Lincoln Gergar Interview – Brahmacharya – Walking with God 7 – 12

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In ancient India practices were created to create the fastest path to spiritual enlightenment and God-realization. One of the most important practices is brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya is a Sanskrit word that is created from two two root words. Brahma is the absolute, eternal, supreme God-head. Brahma is not a mythical god, like some stories describe him. Rather Brahma is the word for the supreme Source of Life. The second word, Charya, means “to follow” as in walking behind or with someone else. Together the word Brahmacharya means “to follow or walk with God”.

In this 3 hour video you will listen to a philosophical, religious and spiritual examination of the Brahmacharya teachings and the Brahmacharya path as it has been practiced in ancient times and also today.

The one aspect of Brahmacharya that is most commonly taught is sexual celibacy, where a person does not marry and refrains from all forms of sexual stimulation. However this is only a limited understanding of what Brahmacharya truly is.

Brahmacharya is a way of life that teaches a person how to live in harmony with God, themselves and the Universe to most quickly reach the state of spiritual enlightenment.

This video will address nearly every aspect of the Brahmacharya process – ranging from ancient stories, lesser known spiritual practices, and tips for people desiring to practice this strict spiritual discipline.

I hope that this video and the knowledge shared helps you along your spiritual journey so that you may realize the the Truth of who you are and what Life is.


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