Ascension ToolBox – Archangel Raphael and his Flame of Purgation


[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans here on Earth. This is I, Archangel Raphael speaking. Also I feel very much honored and appreciate the possibility to submit my special share here for the “Toolbox”. Since you have known me already for quite some time through this channel – being my very channel for all my messages and this will also remain in Time of Now to come. However, this is not the topic of today but it is exactly what the purging part of my Flame is about which I’d like to submit to you.


It is for two purposes·that my Flame of Emerald Green may be applied to. One is that of Purgation – the other one is for Healing. Today resp. in this very conveyance here I shall respond to the purging effect or function and alike all my preceding brothers I’ll do it by such enlisting mode as already done before.

  • And here are my explanations now. Call upon me and “My Emerald-Green Flame” as follows:

“Archangel Raphael, please, come to me and bring Your Emerald-Green Flame!”

You will either sense my presence afterwards or not – this is not relevant whether sensing my presence or not. It will suffice that you believe and accept my presence.

  • Now you have to visualize how the emerald-green flame pervades your entire body. Imagine how the emerald-green flame or light flows through your Crown Chakra – right on top of your head – with a left-turn into your body. Follow the light from top to bottom by visualizing the spiral left-turn going further down.
  • According to each of your evolution you may be able to perceive the light/flame·and its turn or even visualize it. Also here it is of no relevance whether you are able to see resp. visualize it – it is your belief which is important and I did mentioned it before.
  • Now you will be able to submit your order to the emerald-green flame concerning the purgation that you desire. Here also I shall give you an example how to do it:
    • “I am requesting you, emerald-green flame that you purge me from all negative energies and emotions!”
    • “I am requesting you, emerald-green flame that you purge everything in and around myself which does not serve me to my utmost wellbeing!”
    • “I am requesting your, emerald-green flame that everything is purged by you that is still in me of negative energies and safeguard as well as any return of such energies may be no more possible!”

This sort of procedure is being made possible only since lately the influx of light has been increased to such a high extent. This could not have been done in such a way before. Keep in mind that this is a most effective way of application

I should like to add hereto some supplementary explanation which my channel has asked me to do. All emotions lived and experienced by you – they will always return to you since they are yours. This is something the emerald-green flame will not be able to take from you for good. This is important to keep in your mind as otherwise it would not be understood in the rightful way.

As from all above described and listed items you will note what is made possible here and in the Time of Now. You may complement it or leave parts of it off. Still it is essentially important that you make some sort of clear decision beforehand what it is that you want to draw into your life and doing so surely you will succeed finally.

With such great love to you, my beloved humans here on Earth
yours Archangel Raphael


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