Full Kundalini Awakening – The Missing Puzzle Piece

Silent Winds of Change


It has been told that only by following very specific ways could a person reach full kundalini awakening.  You had to trek off to some guru on a mountain and give up your way of life to get to that final place of enlightenment.  Could any of us ever be worthy?

Of course you are, we all are worthy.

I’m sure many will expect this to be very long winded about how this could be possible.  No, it will be a brief description and if you wish to research the possibility please do so.

All of the channeled messages were sent to make us better people and create a divine link from us to source.  All of the “Ascension Symptoms” match very well with kundalini rising symptoms.  What the messages triggered or nurtured is the kundalini activation and progression towards enlightenment.

This process can vary greatly in both time and…

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  1. not whenever they really dont treatment about our survival which they dont it may be bullshit but when it does occur it could probably be somthing like this . NO warning whatsoever, thats why many of the major governments of the earth have been constructing underground bunkers which in all probability want work anyhow


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