Rosicrucians – A Short History – By Matt Qatsi

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I’m not a Rosicrucian but I am a scholar of the history and development of religions so I find this fascinating.

For more info on the teaching of Rosicrucianism, refer to:
Gleanings of a Mystic – Max Heindel
Messages of the Stars – Max Heindel
Mysteries of the Great Opera – Max Heindel
Mystical Interpretation of Christmas – Max Heindel
Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception – Max Heindel
Rosicrucian Mask – Max Heindel
Secret Shakespearean Seals – Max Heindel
Simplified Scientific Astrology – Max Heindel
Templars and Rose Croix – Robert Ambelain
The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosekreutz
Rosicrucian Philosophy Questions and Answers – Max Heindel
History and Doctrine of the Rose-Croix – Paul Sedir
Kingdom of the Occult – Walter Martin

For educational purposes only, there are logical flaws in their belief system however good-hearted they may be.

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