Archangeloi of the Elohim August 24th

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Archangeloi of the ELOHIM message for 24th August 2013…

Beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as we now undertake to expand and to anchor the LIGHT quotient across and within Mother Earth. We ask for you to breathe beloved ones and to anchor fully into Mother Earth at this time.

The energies will now expand rapidly and this may see many of you move into a kind of chaos as your logical human minds will not readily accept the expansion of all levels of your BEing. This is why we ask you to anchor into your Mother for she can help to balance and anchor your human vehicle at this time. We guide for clarity that it is the human vehicle that may not respond well to the expansion of ALL for the human vehicle has been kept vibrationally contained for aeons. The ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH fully accepts this expansion for that is the very reason for incarnation.

Those who are in place to further help the human race at this time will become very visible. We guide for clarity that ALL have left what our channel often refers to as “breadcrumbs” in order to help you remember at this time. There are no coincidences, all is expansion in order to grow at SOUL level.

World events will now begin to unfold as the planet begins her expansion in TRUTH. We guide again for clarity beloved ones that TRUTH JUST IS and the ability to FEEL TRUTH will also heighten and expand beyond measure. This will allow for the rapid dissolving of the old 3d earth in TRUTH for it will no longer be able to hide behind the smoke and mirrors of illusion.

At this time we send an influx of LIGHT codings to the children of ALL races /realms who have incarnated in order to help the human race through the unfolding of the ascension process. We send our LOVE to ALL at this time and we guide further codings will be issued in due course. The world may look similar but it is no longer the world that any of you birthed onto and into and this will be shown to YOU in technicolor.

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