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The key that unlocks the doorway must be exact, and a match to the frequency of the door. When the resonant frequency within the body is reached, the energy vortexes entrain to the overtones of the higher spiritual vibratory manifestations accelerate. The heart of the universe is vibrating in the highest frequency of light that is harmonizing and opening all attuned harmonics within the electromagnetic physically manifesting universe. The Family of Light communicates on waves of thoughts that vibrate through the mental and causal planes of existence. From the world of illusions to the real, the harmonic alignment of the wave forms are being attuned by the central source of the wide spatial base foundation underlying and supporting all spirit to lead the single point of absolute harmonized resolution of the soul of source.

In this time, you are given the opportunity to expand your dream to the level of transformation that becomes absolute reality. Reality becomes what thought creates through focus, attention and intention. Planetary human thought experiences the intensity and the pinnacle of duality and polarization in syncopation and irregular inconsistent dissonance creating static, distortions and corruption. On one level, the resonant frequencies will increase in intensity to a point of climatic acceleration that opens the singularity of evolutionary translation. On the lower levels, friction and decay continue to diminish the level of energy within existing structures, creating a loss of vibration and deterioration of forms into disease and death. The splitting of the polarities is designed in this manner.

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