Dolores Cannon – Creation: The Origins Of The Human Soul – 3 August 2013


Everything in creation has a beginning, but in my work, I’ve found there are no endings. When I began learning about past life regression and reincarnation back in the late ‘60s, there wasn’t much information available; the term New Age hadn’t even been coined yet.

That said, my late husband Johnny and I embarked on a breathtaking journey by initiating an experiment in a past life regression that led our first subject, Anita, through five past lives all the way to the creation of her spirit by the Source.

All of Anita’s past lives were fascinating in their own way, but when we communicated with her spirit before it had incarnated in a human body on Earth, we were given a glimpse into the incomprehensible dynamic of creation itself.

During countless past life regression sessions, I have been told that the Source exists in such a vast way that our limited minds could never comprehend it. Creation stories from ancient cultures around the world reveal the same concept: God is and ever will be.

In the case of Anita, we discovered that her first incarnation as a human took place in Germany in the 14th Century as a fierce young woman named Gretchen. After Anita had relived that traumatic life and death in vivid detail, we took her even further back in time.

What we discovered was a soul who had yet to inhabit a body, which we called the Perfect Spirit. We had spoken to Anita before in spirit form when she was in between lifetimes, but from the moment this spirit began to speak, we realized something very unusual was happening. The Perfect Spirit spoke to us in a rarified tone and seemed to possess knowledge about creation that we never even dreamed existed.

Anita’s exalted spirit described creation: “The Creator can materialize anything it wills. The Creator can touch something, and it is what he says. This is how I was created. He took a bit of goodness, and I was created. I am all good, and I please him. He created the Earth. He created everything that is on Earth. He created our sun. He created our moon. He created all the planets. Each has its own form of life, its own spirits.”

Speaking of the creation and the plight of the human soul, the Perfect Spirit explained: “Only Earth is so troubled that he has asked us to go and help the people there. He knew they would not do as he asked, but he felt compelled, in his kindness, the most beautiful of all planets, to give it people. An animal with knowledge which he knew would not use the knowledge correctly. Though he tries to help them, people reject the belief.”

In our present lives, the vastness of creation may escape us, but it is wonderful to know that our spirits will reunite with the Source when our work here on Earth is done.

Dolores Cannon

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