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Becky Walsh has been a teacher, speaker and workshop leader for many years in the field of intuition and spirituality.

She is the author of three books including Amazon best seller ‘Advanced Psychic Development and Intuitive Lovers’ and six e-books she also writes for many magazines.

Becky’s new book ‘You Do Know’ — Learning to act on your intuition instantly will be published by Hay House in the Spring 2013

Perhaps best known for having presented and produced her own weekly Radio show on LBC 97.3 a three hour show which enjoyed 97,000 listeners. Becky has been used as a regular TV pundit. She also performs live shows of intuition and comedy.

Becky has been flown out to exotic places around the world to teach including Hong Kong, Pakistan and through-out America, she is also a partner in a retreat centre in Chile. Becky is a teacher at ‘The College of Psychic Studies’ in London. She also runs community groups in London and Bristol.

Becky shared a flat with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and has worked with the likes of: Martin Freeman, Dame Judi Dench, had ‘conversations with’ Neale Donald Walsch and looked deeply into the eyes of Deepak Chopra. Her ex boyfriend was married off by Robbie Williams, she get’s royalty cheques from The Pet Shop Boys and once met royalty dressed as Super Ted. However none of this has anything to do with her work and these people wouldn’t recognise her if they passed her on the bus… from their limo! But a good name drop never hurts.

Becky is co-director of on-line and pop-up platform Open Beyond Ltd and has her on-line course and concept evolutionary intuition.

Becky has a degree in interdisciplinary studies from ‘California Institute of Integral Studies San Francisco.

Becky is based in the UK and has a private practice for consultations in Bristol and London. – source

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