Divine Intervention Has Been Activated

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The Galactic Free Press Update: Divine Intervention has Been Activated
Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center
The Real News and The Whole Truth

Greetings Love Beings, When We Began July We shared the Energies would Be Intense and We have not been let down. We just went through a huge amount of energy which will stir things up so to speak even more then they are already, with more intense energies INCOMING. These Next 2 Weeks are Going to Be exciting Movement for the Light and a Huge Victory for Love On Planet Earth=Heart. More Exciting Energy is indeed On the way as We enter The Third SuperMoon in Aquarius, The day Out of Time, the Lions Gate Opens and We begin The New Planetary Cycle, major shifting is underway, truth is Being Revealed and nothing can stop this momentum! As We have Shared In Previous Updates, The Signs Are Everywhere and a Intense Vibrational Upgrade is Occurring!

Quoted from Jim “Aquarius Full Moon July 22nd 2013 unmask the lies. The chance to find the truth is everywhere. Most of what has been created in the world is not what it seems.”

What is Happening on this Planet is truly Unprecedented. Light Groups Who are carrying The Activation Codes for the Vortex’s are Getting into Position, LITERALY, TO LIGHTEN It All UP! Meaning Lights On! Divine Intervention has Been Activated.The Thirteenth Stargate and a Unique Solar Opening To The Soul of Mother Earth=Heart and All of Humanity is being activated July 29th By Divine Decree. Along with all Vortex Points across the Planet. What this Means is All is a Go, many Will Be Welcomed Home into 5D!

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