Understanding Emotional Pain of Ego

Awakening Journey


As I have been working to release my ego, I have come to understand some truths about myself and what I have observed in others.  When we feel slighted or hurt by others, it is our ego reacting to the pain and wounds within our own emotional landscape.  We may have pain and wounds from childhood injuries, hurt from divorces, betrayals by those we love and trust, or rejection of our love by others.  These pains are stored in our emotional landscapes that the ego feeds on as nourishment.    

When we become emotionally hurt again in our current life that triggers these past painful memories, it is the ego feeding  on our painbodies.  Our painbody is a storehouse of these deep emotional pain and injuries, some from childhood as well from adulthood.  Some of us may have larger painbodies than others due to childhood abuse and trauma.  When…

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