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130304_new_hair_guy_P1000378_crop_240_11I’m not referencing anything or anyone here. No other posts, etc., etc.

I was sitting outside a couple hours ago, and just feeling like I was not here at all. Looking at “things”, people, skies, cars, whatever. It felt that none of them were in my world anymore. Absolutely none of them.

There was another point in the day when I looked at my Earth parents, over dinner, and it was if I knew not at all who these people were. What was I doing with these people?

Everywhere I go (and this is a region which I’ve know for several years), all looks either completely new, or completely unknown.

I just wanted to note these things, as a few of you may also be going through this.

We are at the “Grand Shift of the Ages”, in my mind, and this will likely come up a lot, for many.

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